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  • stocksguru_1 stocksguru_1 Jan 12, 1999 9:08 PM Flag

    or $1.19 a share, up 18 percent from ear

    is because they diverted production from Celeron
    to PII, as they were all sold out.

    AMD will
    have a tough time going forward trying to sell their
    chips, because
    1. The retail selling season is over
    and retail demand will be low
    2. Celeron systems
    are cheaper than AMD systems at the same

    Should AMD go to 35, it would be preferable to sell

    In any case I will listen to what AMD says after
    they report earnings this Q.

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    • excerpt from the

      CFO Andy Bryant said. "We left the quarter
      unfulfilled demand. We are still struggling to
      ourselves to a point where we are comfortable
      into the next quarter."

      That unexpected
      demand did two things. It boosted
      Intel's gross
      margins to 58%, three percentage
      points higher than
      what the company preannounced
      in November and six
      points above the third quarter's
      margin. But it may
      also have given archrival
      Advanced Micro Devices
      (AMD:NYSE) an
      unexpected advantage in the low-cost PC

      In the third quarter, Intel lost its
      lead in the U.S.
      retail desktop market to AMD,
      thanks to AMD's
      control of the low end. Paul
      Otellini, general
      manager of Intel's Architecture
      Business Group,
      said he is determined to reverse that
      trend. "If we
      don't have more success in the U.S.
      retail in the
      next six months than in the last six
      months, I will
      be very disappointed," he said.

    • talking about?

      k6-2 400 $159.00
      400 $178.00

      The only processor that Intel
      sells cheaper than AMD is the Celeron 300 A, $5 cheaper
      than the K6-2 300.

      Get the facts straight.

    • Is HP the only major selling a Celeron 366/400
      for the sub $1,000 retail market?

      Compaq and
      IBM don't even sell a Celeron in the retail

      How is Intel going to re-capture the low end if OEMs
      don't want to sell Celeron retail PCs?

      Intel has
      been used to getting it's way with the OEMs and
      telling them what to do. It's nice to see that all
      changing now.

      Take a look at what is at the
      retailers TODAY and you can see that AMD will have a
      rocking 1st qtr. Then comes the K6-3..... :-)


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