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  • go_dow go_dow Oct 12, 2000 1:25 PM Flag

    Why does INTC rise today?

    I don't have a slightest idea. What do you think? Any clues?

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    • Here's why:

      Good news for AMD = INTC UP,
      AMD DOWN
      Good news for INTC = INTC UP, AMD
      Bad news for AMD = INTC UP, AMD DOWN
      Bad news for

      We can't win because
      the market is totally fucked up.

    • AMD helped INTC to convince investors that the PC market is actually not as bad as it claimed. :)

      • 1 Reply to hitechvip
      • Those P4 missles from the Israeli plant worked
        great on Arafat's compound. Saw the pictures on TV.
        They need to improve the guidance systems on those
        things though, since they missed Arafat

        Who says Inhell can't manufacture anything right?
        Watch out Alliant Techsystems. Inhell continues to
        successfully diversify!

        Lighten up you people. We're
        screwed. Might as well loosen up so there won't be as much
        tearing as they rape us. Jerry didn't help with the
        excess supply of Durons guidance. I thought AMD was
        making their own chipsets? What the hell are they doing
        relying on their competitor Via anyway? What happened to
        the principle of multiple suppliers? Jerry? Too many
        bottles of champagne bought will all that stock you sold
        us in the 40's.

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