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  • wyattkap wyattkap Jan 21, 2011 8:57 PM Flag

    What is driving this thing up?

    So Bismark: You are saying the management is a fault because the stock is down from over $8/share???

    Questions for you.

    Was this company ever worth $8/share in REALISTIC VALUE?

    Who drove the price of this stock over $8/share??

    Did the 5 year long recession hurt this company and every other company in America?

    I've these simple 3rd grade questions to all of you flies for over a year AND NOT ONE of you have written a single word. THAT IS WHY no one listens to you-YOU KNOW NOTHING of business! Thus the reasons you were ALL FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't forget, It was all your poop work with the company that further caused the 30+ stores to be closed. Yes the economy drove a nail in the coffin for many, but you were all fired and your stores were closed because THEY LOST MONEY MONTH AFTER MONTH. The fiduciary responsibility thing to do is CLOSE THEM IN THIS ECONOMIC SET BACK TIME! DAAAAAAA!

    Have a great weekend everyone-should be a few good games on Sunday. My keg arrives Saturday afternoon for the Sunday bash at our clubhouse. I'd invite you all, but no one appreciates flies at any party.

    Don't forget Tigard-My offer stands, so send me your e-mail and I'll try to work you in my schedule to buy you lunch or dinner where ever you want as I'm in Portland and many neighboring towns up and down the I-5 in Oregon all next week! (You can bring your mom - so you don't get scared!)

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