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  • wyattkap wyattkap Jun 27, 2011 3:58 PM Flag

    US Economy NOT looking good for small business.

    3rd quarter results look suspect for small business. Expect a stockmarket setback over the next 2 quarters.

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    • Well stated Tommy.

    • I am very happy for your progress at this time in the economy and wish you nothing but the best! I'm concerned and talking about down the road. I don't like what I see going forward. Unemployment is going up. Many in business are not willing to take on more risk and many plans of work will be again shelved.

      I saw an article a few days ago that over 6 MILLION Americans are leaving our country. These are the job producers that put up risk capital to create and expand a business. If many money people move offshore-there will be fewer jobs going forward here. I once thought that the internal growth of the American population would grow us out of this recession, but with key people leaving and 10,000 people a day now retiring-the strain on the social benefits are not logical and the added cost to be in business will jump much higher. Thus many business people are leaving the country they love and the country you fought for in V.N. (thanks for your service)

      Good luck with the current status-keep an eye on the future tide changes.

    • Well Wyatt, let see, high unemployment is not all bad for our business, better quality of workers, more jobs available because companies don't want to hire full time employees but still have the need for help on a temporary basis. Because companies use "temporary help", they do not pay employment taxes, Workers Compensation, health insurance and only use them on an "as needed basis", therefore, we, in our niche, should be doing well. Mix of business is critical to growth during this slow economic period, Glenn has a favorite saying, " The definition of insanity is, do the same thing over and over expecting different results". I see most operations doing exactly that. BUT, the most important part of a successful temp operation (or any business) is having really good and motivated internal staff personnel. What success I have had was in large part to the strong internal staff and their motivation. You should treat them with respect and with dignity. Pay them what they are worth and give them incentives to do better, such as profit bonus'. After all, they are where the rubber hits the road, they are the service piece of your business. The difference between sucessful operations and poor operations is customer service, do what it takes to be the best service provider available, that is what the customer wants and needs. Great service overshadows price everytime. My offices are extremely successful because of my internal staff and the service they provide. I take GOOD care of them! As a result, my office will almost double the revenue and net income it did in 2010. What's not to like?

    • Tommy: Yes, I agree it doesn't apply to "ALL" small business. Nothing ever applies to "ALL" in any category.

      Why do you think we have the economy we have right now? No job growth with continued very low interest rates????

      Where are we going from here? You sound like you know where we are going with your vision. What is your vision and how will it apply to the Temp Business as we talk about this on this board.

    • What is your point? Obviously, this report doesn't apply to all small businesses, just the ones that don't have a clear vision of the present & a plan for the future. Ones that can't adapt to the situation and succeed, don't you agree?

    • STOP THE PRESSES!!! Renowned stock market prognosticator and market timer Wyattkap has detected signs of weakness in the U.S. economy! It's time to short the Russell Microcap Index. It will be interesting to look back in two quarters to see how right Wyattkap was. For the record, the Russell Microcap Index closed at 309.62 yesterday, 6/27/2011, the date of Wyatt's prediction.

      If you're serious about making money, you should listen to Wyattkap's advise. After all, look how right he has been about CCNI.OB. NOT!!!

      wyattkap wrote:

      3rd quarter results look suspect for small business. Expect a stockmarket setback over the next 2 quarters.

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      • How's that CROW taste ccniinvetor????

      • Lets get this right, YOU SAID: "If you're serious about making money, you should listen to Wyattkap's advise. After all, look how right he has been about CCNI.OB. NOT!!!"

        Funny how you are consistent: YOU ALL laughed at me when I put a buy signal out and then I MADE 300%+ PROFITS. Guess you either can't read or you can understand what is said?? OR-Maybe you don't want to understand the truth as it doesn't go with your BS you spend your life spewing??? What Ever Way- Now you laugh again? Guess you didn't learn anything from your past experience.

        Several on this board follow me around to other stock boards (call me the same names you all do here) and behold-I also made over 100%+ PROFITS on ALL of those also. Yea-don't listen to me, my track record is only 100%+ PROFITS on every single stock I post on. Lets all listen to you. What a joke that is! Enjoy your life as pathetic as it is and with the PERFECT 100% ZERO PROFITS. I swear this is a very poor clown show on this board!

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