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  • denn56k denn56k Feb 27, 2013 3:59 PM Flag

    Anyone with info on Sandford let us know.

    This smell fishy at best... A MBA from Cornell and no public company experience and his stated experience could be nothing but a paper shell. Founded a private security company and a liquid waste company only 2 yrs going. My intuition tells me not to believe this guy.....If anyone knows something please post it.

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    • anyone know what bubba has been up to in silicon valley in the past years???....nothing on the internet, kinda strange...oh...except his septic tank disposal company....whoa......I bet he is in high demand because of that...

    • How does one check the autheticacy of someones college diploma???....I want proof of his MBA and likewise his other degree.....No big deal just curious.....better than not knowing its not valid.

    • This Bubba is one of the BOD good friends.Just wait all of the #$%$ has yet to hit the fan.If you have stock? Sell Sell Sell. This pig is going to the bottom of the pit.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • I would like to see proof this guy Bubba Sandford has a MBA from Cornell....I find it hard to believe he has no , as yet known, experience with a noted, private or even more so a public company....So far found he worked at a swamp land company and had a septic waste company......Not rosy creditials for having a MBA from Cornell, of all places....Very skeptical here.........

    • I found that a company he managed 8 years ago went bankrupct. He took them down to 13 million in debt or I should say he took them up and then out. I hear Groupon is looking for a new CEO.

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      • OK....... Found a little and a key, perhaps....Goes by Bubba..............and if you search TET you will find a summary of his very short time and the fact he did not really do much of anything at a company called The Enviromental Trust, which held conservatory type land due to various reasons and was suppose to remedy them. Bubba was hired as general manager and left soon afterwards as funds ran out.......Boy does this sound like some sort of charade......for a guy supposingly with a MBA from Cornell....and only as general manager.................The other item I found was that Americlear was a septic waste hauler......Geez Laweez...what is CCNI hiring this guy for????....He has to be connected to the outgoing CEO in some way.....The whole thing is fishy, with the CEO leaving suddenly and the hiring of Bubba all within a week or so...

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