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  • notarethug notarethug Oct 1, 2012 4:00 PM Flag

    One Term Tommy

    Tom Corbett - worst PA Governor ever!

    1. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Since 2010, PA has dropped to 39th from 12th in job growth.
    2. Taxpayer funded giveaways to big corporations - Shell Oil in particular.
    3. Second Mile scandal.
    4. Short term thinking -- on leasing state forest lands for drilling, privatizing the Liquor Control Board, so that big corporations can make a quick buck.
    5. Anti-union
    6. Voter iD Law - an unfunded mandate costing over $10 M to defend.
    7. "Just close your eyes."
    8. Hates kids, especially poor ones and their school districts. School funding slashed - early education, grade schools, high schools, and higher education, while supporting voucher programs that further defund public education.

    The backlash against conservative Republican governors is also costing Rmoney heavily in OH, VA, FL, WI.

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    • BEEP, BEEP! The Little Yellow Bus is here to pick you up. Dont forget to put on your crash helmet!

    • cprail7308 Oct 12, 2012 9:56 PM Flag

      School vouchers are used to encourage parents to move their childen OUT of failing liberal union held schools. Private and charter schools have much better education results since they are not beholden to the teachers union. Better recheck those polls in those swing states because Obama is on the way down.

    • I was delighted that the courts have dismissed the PA voter ID law from going into effect in November. Everyone knows that voter fraud is nonexistent in PA.

      To our Governor, Tom Corbett, I say: Too bad that those millions of dollars budgeted to promote the voter ID law were not used for something useful and meaningful, such as the eduction budget which you slashed so drastically this year and last year.

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