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  • roebear roebear Apr 19, 2013 4:19 PM Flag

    2005, 2010 and now

    I posted out 2005, IN Hershey 2010 and now am indicating a higher target on HSY than I thought.

    Here is my post from 2010, where I indicated HSY would be a good investment for 1 to 3 years, based on the same charting methods that got me out in 2005. This post is from June 9, 2010 at 08:30

    "Wake UP
    Now that the HSY chart is on the verge of a break out from a rounding bottom (cup, bowl, etc.) pattern formed since 2007, this board has fallen strangely silent of any PERTINENT to HSY information. I sold out all my HSY stock in July 2005 based on Technical Analysis (Charting) when the stock could not hold 57, which was a critical level at that time. The same TA experience has caused me to take a full plus position in HSY stock again since the great earnings news back in April which was the value spark that lit the TA fuse.
    I will now hold because I believe the stock will go well beyond 57. Natural Resource stocks are my usual sector (and has done well for me), but I am looking into other sectors now and believe the food industry will do well over the next few years and like the HSY chart best in that sector.

    I have not posted on this board since I left the stock five years ago and probably will not post here again until I leave HSY stock, hopefully in a year or three with a nice profit. Good luck to all Less" end quote

    BTW, I did OK even though I had a target of 83-85 based on the charts, as I follow the idea that leave the top and bottom dollars to someone else I will take the middle dollars as there are more of them.

    But now that Hershey has exceeded my targets, the chart is to me indicating it will exceed expectations again.
    Based on the same chart reading skills, I now expect HSY to go over one hundred. Based on prior events, the stock will probably split just before 100, or IMO, just after 100 this time.

    My Opinion based on TA, I'm not a pro, so no warranties implied, UR at your own risk, just friends talking, std
    disclaimers apply.

    Sentiment: Buy

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