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  • nostradomus33 nostradomus33 Feb 20, 2013 9:25 PM Flag

    Future potential PPS for SSH

    4.2 billion worldwide patients with Class III heart disease and 500,000 new cases per year. Lets assume a market penetration of 10% or 50,000 patients a year. C-Pulse is currently being sold for 59,000 and I believe SSH's cost for device is 12-14 thousand so a profit of 44,000 per device sold. 44,000 X 50,000 new patients a year is 2.2billion. At a very conservative 4X earnings that would be a market cap of 8.8 billion. This market cap is 146Xgreater than the current market cap or a future PPS of $946. I put this together pretty quick so please feel free to add anything that I may be missing. The PPS of $946 is not taking into account further dilution however even with another 3million shares added to the float it would still be a PPS over $600.

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