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  • swing_trader37 swing_trader37 Apr 17, 2013 11:04 PM Flag

    Wait until they announce the fully implantable version of C-Pulse

    They are currently working on it and when it's completed the stock price will soar IMO. Although I think Medtronic will acquire them before then for a huge premium over the current stock price. Again IMO.

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    • the fully implantable device will happen. However, it's not going to be part of the study and filing of NDA. Otherwise you're talking a considerable delay. It would happen after the device is approved. Anyway, the device is a whole lot less invasive than an LVAD as it stands

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    • Stop pumping the stock, i will call you OUT.. there will be no run-up, buyout, etc until the product is approved, which is 3 to 4 years down the line. .. no company is going to purchase SSH until... any pumping, i will call out..

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    • Not sure what you are talking about, or your just the run of the mill 'pumper n dumper' which seems to be coming out lately, but if a new product is going to be implemented, it has to go through the same process as C-Pulse is doing right now, so if this new product exist, it will take another 5-7 years to get it to market, so please pump somewhere else..

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      • johndrew
        You should check with the company.
        Fully implantable is an upgrade of the existing C-Pulse device not a new device.
        Not 5 to 7 years to market.
        As far as I know they just have to do a small study to prove its safe.
        The hope was to implant one this year.

      • Going to market in Europe NOW - already approved in Europe.
        Which market are you talking about???? If US 5-7 years is extreme outside - may even have an approval given during the trial (eg at mid-point 140 patients) if results reflect the feasibility trial and patient benefit is so startingly obvious

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