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  • peterpalmer321 peterpalmer321 Dec 6, 2009 6:54 PM Flag

    Important question/Pharma sales

    If pharmaceutical companies are dashing every day to produce these wonder drugs and applying for a 17 year patent for each.....WHY HAS HELICOS NOT BEEN GOBBLED UP BY ONE OF THESE LARGE PHARMAS???? "Time" is the key to making drugs and the Heliscope is now here. I am banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why the Big Pharmas are not buying them out at supersonic speed? Helicos would be pocket change to Phizer or Merck.

    Also, a number of post the last few weeks describe the fact that investors cannot understand the terminology on the bases of the Heliscope. Such scientific wording is sometimes hard for the ordinary investor to comprehend. I personally can understand that because I am no doctor. Before the CEO's presentation, I have e-mailed two letters to Helicos investor relations regarding the fact that they need to announce to investors what projections Helicos seeing in the near future or perhaps very soon. It was to my surprise that they came out with the CEO's presentation three days later. I cannot say my e-mails helped to get some news, but how about if "we all on this fantastic message board compose a letter together regarding the simplification of the Helicos Science or other questions for Helicos Investor Relations to answer". We can request another simplified presentation by the CEO or someone inside the company. It appears they are willing to listen from their investors to get this ball rolling and the share price up. What do you all this a goofball idea or should we be up fo this?

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    • financials... I was going to say they haven't washed any of their shelf yet. I just checked their outstanding shares and they've gone from 65 million to 73. An increase of 8 million shares and at this PPS level about 12 million dollars? So I'm not sure where that change in number came but probably resembles the shelf? Anyway your question about sales is the same sentiment as many on the board.

    • In speaking about sales in general, now that Helicos has raised funds I feel that if the company does't report any real sales in machines is because it just takes so long for them to produce them. Anyone have an opinion on this?

    • Peter.. I think this Genoweb news and the Nature publication reference together may be a market mover. I'm sure the short position knew this as they've been slowly covering and going long the last week. This isn't retail as they create those spikes when they get scared. The amount of available shares at any market level near here is so minute someone wanting to cover a large position would have to manipulate this drastically to create enough shares. same thing if a substantial long position wanted in. I don't think they'll run it up and reduce their profits so we may make another trip before they're done covering? Kinda like one last time down as they look at our shares as money in the Bank and come to get money when its time by creating fear? Just opinions and not recommendations to buy hold short or cover any equity. GLTA

    • This came out the previous week? That sucks. Well....I like the part that said "we are doing more and more runs on the Helicos". That line alone is worth a billion cap Helicos. As always, when it will happen is up to Wall Street.

      Maybe that is why the stock has leveled off in the 1.50's last week and in some days you could see an increase in volume.

      Oh well, at least I can hopefully buy more under 2 bucks.

      Thanks for the tip and talk on Monday morning before I go to work.

    • Additionally many of big pharma's drugs are smoke and mirrors. Having to prove a real genetic connection probably scares the hell out of them.

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      • Bob... I'm with you on this one. They have a powerful position in this and don't want to share there piece of the pie with anyone including someone who will take away market share as the drugs and their amounts may be reduced as prevetative medicine takes hold in this country. Some of these peeps are greedy bastards who don't care so much if your healed as long as you buy there meds at their price.GLTA

      • Bob, your right, but think about it....what if you could use the Heliscope and make a drug catered to each individual that would not create any side effects. Almost all drugs have some sort of side effects (sleepiness, fatigue, tired, etc. etc.,). Making that perfect drug for each individual. Mass production of drugs is like selling mass hamburgers like McDonalds but I believe certain people would pay a "good chuncky fee" to the drug company to make those special no side effect pills. Its like doing a custom frame job. Don't you think so Bob? Thanks for your input Bob.

    • They don't care about retail investors. All of my attempts to contact them via e-mail and phone messages have gone unanswered. They don't hold quarterly conference calls. Their communication to shareholders outside the circle is strange and almost rude. I don't see big institutions buying anything but small blocks because low float stocks are too hard to get in and out of without dramatic fluctuations in the pps.

    • Peter.. I have sent 3 mails to their investor relations and have been snubbed on all fronts with no reply. I suggested that very same scenerio Of the Pharma connection but didn't get the result I wanted from the board by peeps with a better understanding than I of the why not's. I think it relates to feasibility and resonability in the connection. I suspect the zeroing in and elimination of multiple drugs used untill results happen would cost them money? These bastards have us by the short hair.
      As for a common letter asking for a clearer presentation? Go for it I will help anyway I can. Be aware I think we're really insignificant in that we will not purchase their equipment or further their research. We are a necessary evil as they need our money to help bring their idea to market and evetually in turn they will sell their shares purchased at 2.50 + or - for multiple times that down the road as the PPS peaks as retail investors clammer over their shares as news and market share jack the price up.

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      • Snob, thanks for your view. But I just have a feeling after reading the CEO's Bio, where this man was poor at one time in his life as a youngster and made it to where he is now, that he is the type of person who is willing to listen and help us investors in visualizing what he sees. I guess he went about it last week, but I still see him possibly going about it further until we are completely educated. Maybe send the letter addressed to him instead of e-mailing investor relations. Just a thought.

    • Great thoughts, but I suspect they simply do not care if the price explodes this week, or next year. They are focused on "getting the business model right, and the rest will take care of itself". The insiders and institutions have a longer term view that us retail folks.

      I think we need to take solice (and be patient) in the fact that we have invested in a great company with incredible prospects. GLTA

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      • I agree with your statement and please, I am not in for a debate here, but "WHY DID THE COMPANY GO PUBLIC"? Don't they know that "money" keeps the business running? Don't they know that the higher the share price the more money they can borrow to progress further on their science? Don't they also know that they are running against the clock of heavy competition?

        All I am saying is composing a letter so that the science can be "simplified" so that the average investor can understand what this science is about. Maybe it would be a waste of their time to present or produce such a statement or perhaps a video.