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  • borisbear64 borisbear64 Dec 16, 2009 1:00 PM Flag

    Looking forward?

    Yeah its been a difficult 24 hours and many of us have lost money (on paper).Might be a good time to just take 5 for a mo. and consider how many big sharks are still out there waiting to gobble up our minnow. Apologies for bringing up an earlier post, but just check out for instance Life Technologies

    and look at how they've been busy acquiring genone capability...check out the headlines on their Yahoo quote.
    Their vision of the future of diagnositics sounds mightly like that our man-of-the -month CEO outlined. Just look at this one possible suitor (market cap $9 bln) and ask yourself would they are anyone similar not jump on Helicos at $4.00, $6.00 , $8.00 ....??? News will be acoming and you don't want to be short when it does.