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  • madmonsoon20 madmonsoon20 Mar 30, 2010 10:01 AM Flag

    ***WARNING*** I do not own this equity

    yet I sit on a Yhaoo penny stock chat board all day with multiple aliases bashing.

    Wonder why??????

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    • Flipped your ID Looser. Can't trade cause you have no money or skill looser. You have to be here looser? Listen you are nothing more than a resounding Gong. Your here because your paid. Plain and simple. Any self respecting adult would not do what you do without money being made. Is this the extent of your life and skills? What a POS.

      This waste of space is here because he has to be. This is his job or he's just a lazy trader that cannot trade equities because its out of his league so he sits and bashes one? He's not a legitimate trader Investor as what he's doing is costing him time where he could be trading. I suspect he's just a looser or is working for the potential buyer 3 or 4 people removed so to allow the potential buyer to cover. Any way you cut it this POS is just a flunky without an education thats marketable so has settled for being a Lap dog.

    • get a life and a real job with some respect for others