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  • al5947 Apr 2, 2010 9:40 AM Flag

    Your Interpitation

    Does the asterik just represent the time ...or the date and time? I've seen two sites that have said earnings will be the 5th. Don't know if it is B.S.

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    • Boris hi...The PPS doesn't reflect those numbers now. Not trying to dampen the spirit but the only way it has that actual value and be trading at 6 times less is the sell off is a worse case scenario or the short position is the acquirer and have made money on the way down without the company media machine being fired up to combat the negative bashing or even presenting information about their products. Looking back now after the ForSale sign coming down it was awfull abrupt. Why or what could they say. We've sold the company but can't tell you as they are as part of the deal shorting the PPS and will use that as part of their negotiated price. We have to lay something out their as a reason for pulling the sign so will call it novice discoveries by our partners. Correlagen hasn't said a thing since the Heart Assay? Why? Have they stopped using it? Who can you tell? Any leak and this plan could blow up on them? Why the paid bashers mainly Mad since the 4 Sale sign being pulled? No dump on Thursday after that release on Wednesday says something isn't right? WTF is it?

    • Hi...yeas i think all the points you make are valid..and in your other 2 posts re lapidus etc...and yes depsite all the evidence seeming to fit, there is still the possibility that there are no sales and this cmpany is going down the plug hole...but to counter this ask yourself 2 questions only;

      1) No sales means the science is not there...Patrice Milos is still being received by the genetic community clearly fronting Helicos..she would not be given time of day by them on podium after podium if she didnt have something valid to say...let alone the personal career comitment she has made....the scientific community are unforgiving...and why did Stanford recently re-endorse Helicos?

      2) If it is a worst case scenario...the board would have pumped and dumped long ago.

      As to why institutions arent on baoard..

      1) still highly highly speculative..we are going on hunches and inuendo only..not hard facts of projected sales/profit...institutions like hard facts/figures

      2) No analyst the engineered lack of PR...make this truly below radar

      3) It is basically a penny stock ...precludes most serious money enetering.

      Just my thoughts...hope it helps...if anything it's just nice to let off some steam and have a bit of mutual support as we all wait this thing out !

    • al5947...This is a little off your topic but still under the umbrella a little. Maybe with the long weekend and whats a stake here we can pry loose some ideas so that together we can formulate a plan on what to do here as this earnings report and possible subsequent news that may follow is released. As I look at the company financials the Insider trading generally will tell you what is going on ahead of time. With lock out shares coming loose, lose, looze, luzz, maybe as last to know people we can figure out what Institutions may do after the release. Here's a current list of Insiders actions.

      Recent Insider Trading Activity: Helicos BioSciences Corp
      Date Name Transaction Num Shares Price(s) Value
      02/09/10 EFCAVITCH J WILLIAM Grant 21,706 NA NA
      02/09/10 LEVINE MARC S Grant 20,625 NA NA
      02/09/10 MOORE JEFFREY R Grant 20,250 NA NA
      01/15/10 ALLISON ELISABETH K Grant 13,280 NA NA
      01/15/10 MELAS KYRIAZI THEO Grant 14,954 NA NA
      10/15/09 ALLISON ELISABETH K Grant 3,077 NA NA
      10/15/09 MELAS KYRIAZI THEO Grant 3,787 NA NA
      09/24/09 LOWY RONALD A Grant 783,696 NA NA
      09/18/09 HIGHLAND MANAGEMENT PARTNERS VI L P Purchase 235,400 $2.41 567,314.00
      09/18/09 LOWY RONALD A Purchase 58,304 $2.41 140,512.64
      09/18/09 VERSANT VENTURE CAPITAL II L P Purchase 242,931 $2.57 625,012.88
      09/18/09 BARRETT PETER Purchase 242,931 $2.41 585,463.69
      09/18/09 COLELLA SAMUEL D Purchase 242,931 $2.57 625,012.88
      09/18/09 FLAGSHIP VENTURES FUND L P Purchase 242,931 $2.41 585,463.69
      09/18/09 HEF VI L P Purchase 7,531 $2.41 18,149.71
      09/18/09 HIGGINS ROBERT F Purchase 242,931 $2.41 585,463.69
      09/18/09 HIGHLAND CAPITAL PARTNERS VI L P Purchase 152,044 $2.41 366,426.03
      09/18/09 AFEYAN NOUBAR BOGHOS Purchase 242,931 $2.41 585,463.69
      09/18/09 AFEYAN NOUBAR BOGHOS* Purchase 242,931 $2.

      What's missing is Lombardi's contribution last September when most stepped up the the plate and laid out Millions for those shares from $2.00 to $2.75

      So my question as we approach the release date is what is in that delayed Earnings and is that an exit point for all the insiders and Institutions? Is there a partnership or sale that was or is waiting public disclosure? Are they on the ropes ready to close the doors? I'm hoping to tap into maybe some on the sidelines that haven't posted but maybe have insight as the answers are probably in the trading action or insiders moves or lack of?

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      • That secondary at 1.00 last year as they scraped up operating capital hasa brought them to this point. If they continue alone they will have to revisit the shelf?

        A couple thoughts about that. Since outside Institutional support may or may not be down but for convience sake let's say its down.

        Let's say they announce the sale of 5 machines, additional reagent sales and are able to show something above what was reasonably expected. Where will it take the PPS? Where will the hedge push it to? They will set another short position and trade it back. Because of that their best interest is to push the spike. Will insiders dump? If so since VC's know the business and have their own trading desks will they jack the spike to unload their shares? Will they flip their position then? Think about it. At some point the nice dissapears and the save your own azz attitude shows up. I guarantee there are many in that mode right now. Some maybe those that forked out millions last September at $2.00 to $2.57.