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  • tcampagna123 tcampagna123 Apr 2, 2010 1:57 PM Flag

    s lapidus

    with everything evryone is saying, if correct, hlcs was created never to go the distance but created only to be sold. start companys, finance, back and sell. i have been hoping for the longest time that hlcs would try to go it alone but it is evident that this were never their intentions. I wonder at the time thomas w. was put to the side was this actually the time when the so called acquirer was pulling the strings. we were told that they wanted to go it alone! what is the correlation -
    1. prez gone
    2. insiders holding shares
    3. no new news
    4. TW gone
    5. learning about Lapidus build and and sell
    6. lease issues
    7. two known sales never announced

    any thoughts

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    • LOLOLOL. Smoke and Mirrors. Its all Smoke and Mirrors. The Instutions hold the power with their shares or Insiders with their millions to run this up on a low volume day. Let's say 1 Mil would take it to maybe 2.50 and then set a short position and trade it back. They could do it a couple times and get their money back? But instead it goes to low volume and sits at a MCAP of 58million? It's like waiting for a baby to be born? Is it healthy? Have all its finger and toes? Who does it look like?

    • al5947 Apr 2, 2010 6:04 PM Flag

      And more so.....These customers certainly do their homework before they lay down 800K. Is Helicos going to leave these customers to hang out to dry and say sorry...we've gone out of business?...Again...maybe I'm stupid but that would be pretty bogus for Riken,Farber and the others.

    • Bloomberg reports new accounting rules established for banks..inventory changes... a much better number. IMHO

      not on margin
      no stop
      no sell


    • This story was written just 60 days ago. What changed here?

      Helicos Announces Additional System Installations for the St. Laurent Institute and Stanford University

      CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Feb 03, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Helicos BioSciences Corporation today announced the completion of the sale of a Helicos(R) Single Molecule System to the St. Laurent Institute (SLI). The installation of the system is expected to be completed in early February.

      "As a breakthrough in the state of the art for exploring the coding and non-coding transcriptome, Helicos offers the key to unravel the genomic complexity of human chronic diseases. We are very excited to bring the power of Helicos to bear on our urgent biological questions." stated Georges St. Laurent, Scientific Director of the institute.

      The agreement with SLI was previously announced in early 2009. The contractual terms were subsequently revised by Helicos to support SLI with a site for installation.

      The Company also announced an agreement to install a second Helicos(R) Genetic Analysis System at Stanford University. This second system is expected to come on-line in March to meet the growing demand for access to Helicos' True Single Molecule Sequencing technology.

      "We are very pleased to add the Saint Laurent Institute to the growing number of leading institutions using the Helicos(R) Single Molecule System to generate breakthrough discoveries. It is becoming clear to many leading research institutions that single molecule genetic analysis is leading to new answers to scientific questions that could only be dreamed of before" stated Ron Lowy, Helicos Chief Executive Officer.

      "We are also excited about continued acceleration of experiments at a number of current customers which we expect will lead to the addition of multiple units at those sites. We anticipate this trend will continue going forward" said Lowy.

      The Helicos Genetic Analysis System is the world's first and only commercially available, single molecule sequencing technology, and enables scientists to conduct revolutionary studies to understand genome biology and regulation. Genetic analysis with Helicos' technology eliminates the biases, complexity and errors introduced by DNA amplification, requires minute amounts of starting material, is amenable to the analysis of degraded nucleic acids, and provides the most quantitatively accurate view of biological samples.

      About Helicos BioSciences:

      Helicos BioSciences is a life science company focused on innovative genetic analysis technologies for the research, drug discovery, and diagnostic markets. Helicos' proprietary True Single Molecule Sequencing, tSMS(TM), technology allows direct measurement of billions of strands of DNA enabling scientists to perform experiments and ask questions never before possible. Helicos is a recipient of two $1,000 genome grants and committed to providing scientists the tools to unlock the era of genomic medicine.

      Lowy said this just weeks ago.

      "We are also excited about continued acceleration of experiments at a number of current customers which we expect will lead to the addition of multiple units at those sites. We anticipate this trend will continue going forward" said Lowy.

    • al5947...Why would they sell it in the first place? Why not keep it for sale then even though it hadn't sold?

      All of a sudden tell us there's novel discoveries. Whomever was going to buy would use their brainiacs to investigate said novice discoveries and what it meant? How did this slip past their own scientists?

      So here we are now. The hole in the story is how do you resolve selling it in 2 weeks. From March 31 SEC extension to April 15 we sold? That is possible but hardly plausible? Attorneys monies paid and dates, investors mislead suits, and numerous other snares or traps. I suspect it could be ironed out through attorneys and be signed in the next 2 weeks with the acquirer saying they decided to go ahead with it even though they had it completed last fall when it was pulled?

    • shirata6 Apr 2, 2010 4:38 PM Flag

      hlcs is clearly cooperating with some entity acquiring shares -- there may be some formula whereby the more shares shaken loose from retail means a higher buyout price

    • al5947 Apr 2, 2010 4:27 PM Flag

      Would a company post 12 to 14 new jobs after announcing "we're not for sale" as a smoke screen of some sort? I have a hard time believing that, but maybe I'm nieve. Controller, Buyer, Manufacturing positions ect. I am not on the take over buy out wagon. I'm going with the J.V. partnership ( and keeping my fingers crossed ).Hopefully someone is gonna throw them a bone!

    • bb. They had their 1000 an hour attorneys pour over that and how to scare and create doubt but cover their azz? I think its been their posture as if the acquirer was maybe shorting( Purely speculatory on my part here)then the companies job became much like a soft bash or simply just holding news opportunities such as the Correlagen Heart Assay. Correlagen releases but Helicos does not?

    • How does a company with no debt and sales increasing
      1000% in last 6 months vs previous 6 "not make it"?

    • Reading to much into accounting language here. They did not say they
      can't make it. This will be resolved by april 15.

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