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  • victorshesnikov victorshesnikov Apr 27, 2010 10:05 AM Flag

    just off twitter (BioITworld)

    Steve Quake / Helicos founder: Its like a suicide pact among the major sequencer manufacturers to drive down costs

    I guess he is talking right now

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    • bump because it goes without saying how satifying it is to know the company is still active...(even though they need a new PR machine as it seems it is busted)

    • Chuch: don't need to look 10-20 years ahead. It's what is already available - or was avail 2 years ago - that we should talk about #GET2010

      Church: think of genome sequence as a cell phone (play and explore) but also as an insurance policy. Risk info you hope not to need #GET2010

      Church: this is going to penetrate more broadly w/ time. May not be a single tipping point. #GET2010

    • genomicslawyer Lucier: understanding genomes is fundamental to science, & a viable biz. There are many applications beyond what we've discussed

      genomicslawyer Krulwich: sees personal genomes as a slog - through public acceptance, privacy issues, science, etc. Why is this perception wrong? #GET2010

      genomicslawyer West: preventative medicine fundamentally lowers costs, improves outcomes. #GET2010

      genomicslawyer Church: thinks this has already happened, even if we don't notice. ~1800 medically actionable genes, held by 10% of pop'n #GET2010

      genomicslawyer Q: what will be the discovery / development that will make personal genomic sequencing a societal, medical imperative? #GET2010

      genomicslawyer Church/Lucier: sees adoption of EHRs as a separate issue. Sequencing is fundamentally digital, will develop along parallel path #GET2010

      genomicslawyer Q from @carlzimmer: is healthcare ready for personal genomes? Can you drop that data into a patient's traditional medical record? #GET2010

    • EdwardWinstead Dyson: The real cost is not in the data it's in the analysis. In a few years people won't be doing SNPs. Why bother? #GET2010 (break now)

      Remember Helicos is a SOFTWARE company as much as anything!

    • This is better than the Superbowl! (er, Big Game)

      genomicslawyer Quake: the cost is $0, George is right. Thinks not just sequencing, but also interpretation will go to $0 as well. #GET2010

      genomicslawyer Dyson: disagrees. Nothing is cost-free. Who is investing, and what is returned on that investment. #GET2010

      genomicslawyer Quake: qualifies that anybody with employer-sponsored healthcare will have $0 cost. Dyson points out that isn't everybody. #GET2010

    • EdwardWinstead Clinical annotation of Stephen Quake's genome to be published Saturday; 20 authors vs. 3 on genome sequencing paper. #GET2010

      genomicslawyer Quake, on speed of sequencing. Quick to knock out raw data (2 wks; 3 authors), clinical annotation is hard (20 authors, 1 yr) #GET2010

      genomicslawyer Flatley: thinks the market is "incredibly elastic"; concerns about commoditization, but volume will expand rapidly #GET2010

    • genomicslawyer Dyson: one reason Chinese market is growing is that they are not as worried about the ethical / privacy issues #GET2010

    • genomicslawyer Dyson: China is becoming the dominant market. Flatley: we have one customer who will be end of year have capacity of entire US #GET2010

    • EdwardWinstead "Let's just say I was able to give informed consent," Stephen Quakes jokes about sequencing his DNA in his lab on machine he made. #GET2010

    • genomicslawyer Flatley, Quake, Dyson and Seong-Jim Kim discussing price of sequencing #GET2010

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