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  • pharmaheroou pharmaheroou Mar 6, 2013 7:51 AM Flag



    you have been warned

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    • Congrat on your 2380 posts in the last 36 hours. That's a real feat for even you.

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    • sounds like SLANDER to me

    • NO WAY BK. Not with at least 18 months of cash on hand. Bashers are here with mis-information and fear tactics, which tells me news coming will move the pps up substancially. The lull in news is aideing their efforts to bring the pps down, along with the MM's. With Par news, migraine NDA filing and the ED study news imminent it is the lull before the storm. Just saying... In the end the company will continue to grow revenues and profits for a very nice to great return in the next several months.

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      • They have alot more than 18 months of cash now. The financials that are going to come out soon are going to propel the stock way up irregrardless of everything else. For every 3 million dollars IGXT has or gets the stock will have to AT THE VERY VERY LEAST go up .10 cents. Thats a direct correlation because the company has no debt and 50M outstanding shares and any cash they receive has goes to the bottom line if no debt. So If IGXT gets 6 million dollars the stock should AT THE VERY VERY LEAST increase by .20 cents. If IGXT gets 12 million dollars the stock should AT THE VERY VERY LEAST increase by .40 cents. The royalties IGXT is slated to get this year from Forfivo alone is $26 Million dollars and that is just Forfivo. They will be getting more cash from a few other companies this year as well plus other money from other things. The company is set. I am set. I could not care less what is said on these boards at this point because I know I am set now and that nobody can change anything with words on these boards. If you lost your shares, that is too bad. But this is the time to buy everything you possibly can and this is the last time it is going to happen. The stock is ready to move to a higher level and when it does it won't return to anything familiar.

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