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  • carp45 carp45 Sep 10, 2001 10:19 PM Flag


    I'm interested and doing some dd. So I have questions.
    Where is the money going to come from for the trials? It takes 10's of millions...and lots of time.
    When will the secondary be? There won't be any institutional money until there is more than 20m shares.
    What's the chances of the patent being rejected because of similiar drug-coated stents?
    Any evidence of a buy-out?
    Will appreciate any informed replies..Thanks

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    • this market sector is weaker than the gold and defense stuff. we will need to see some overall strenght in the stock market today or soon to see our growth return. this is a good investment, we must wait for the more resonable market. today? bill

    • forgot to include stock options--over 3.8mm shs outstanding.

    • that DKB apparently sold out its remaining 43,000 share position in the first hour,in the process driving the stock to as low as $1.20.I continue to believe that this was "spiteful" selling,i.e."if we can't steal this thing then lets make sure we look good walking away".Anyhow,the last hour comeback was encouraging and at least one "evil empire" is gone.
      As far as the large proposed increase in common shares is concerned,its merely to give the company flexibility in the event of future acquisitions,strategic partnerships,mergers,etc.--not to mention shares needed for conversion of warrants[about 2 mm outstanding at present]and to raise cash should the stock have a significant rise.There will never be anything near 50mm shares outstanding.I'm sure.

    • I will pray for you and your loved ones. May God bless your house at this dark moment.

    • These trials will not take 10's of millions (at least from CTE that is).
      The drug makers will be responsible for showing the safety and efficacy of their drugs not CTE. CTE is not in the business of financing billion dollar drug companies R&D. CTE's technology is incorporating these drugs into their polyurethanes and intergrating it with stents. The time frame would be upto a year or two. At least this is how I would see them working.

      As far as institutional money, CTE will hopefully be licensing their technology to a strong stent seller so their need for lots of capital is limited, so they shouldnt need a second offering (or at least one of huge significance 10MM+ shares).

    • Where will your retirement income come from? Will it be enough if inflation comes back? Will your health even last that long? Will you be able to afford a stent if you need one?

      Do you ever fear you will cross the line and be investigated by the SEC?

      Do you know we all think you are a jackass?