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  • westcot westcot Oct 23, 2001 8:58 PM Flag

    Beware of pure hype

    I am a licensed physician. I have visited their website and didn't come cross anything that convinces of their technology neither the market. Remember, there is very limited use of what they are doing at least in major teaching hospitals. If the potential becomes noticeble, I would expect any large companies such as pharmacia would have jumped into this by now. Beware of pump and dump!

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    • So where are you a so called licensed physician, and what is your medical license number? I will have my detective friends check out your claims of being a doctor...

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      • Hi Riley, I have been hanging out on this board and a couple of others to check out what to buy. But OT there was an ad in the paper today and if it's true I would like to help but don't know how to check if it is or not.
        This is the ad in the Daily Camera, Boulder, Colorado. " Need 15 tickets to CU Nebraska game for NYC Firefighters engine One Ladder 24 coming to Boulder. Please respond to 212/ 472-9190."
        I thought if I just call the number they could say whatever they wanted, so how to tell if this is true or not? If it's true I would like to help, can you advise me on how to check this out? Thanks

      • Yes, and please provide your SSN for verification purposes...


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      • Riley,
        Wow I didn't know that about ya? As far as that DR. --yeah sure--I am with ya on that. He may be, but that is not what's important. I was merely making the point about my doctor friend telling me a few days earlier about the cipro coating---that explained the run up. The other "DR" may be right on pump and dump, but I don't care, I have been with CTE for 2 years, and plan on keeping this gem at least until 2005 when CABG gets FDA approval.