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  • run210 run210 Jun 13, 2000 9:54 AM Flag


    Shortplayboy, you seem as if you care about us
    longs but I have a sneaky suspicion you have alterior
    motives. I hope you aren't trying to manipulate those that
    are reading this board into thinking something that
    isn't true.

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    • CTE has some wonderful technology and are in the
      process of developing products very much needed by the
      public. This is a stock for long term investment, however
      most investors today want instant returns. We need to
      hang on and talk up the positive work the company is

    • mean lower stock prices near term.
      Once the
      street feels that CTE is very close to putting it all
      together, the stock will rise.
      If this is years away,
      the price is not going anywhere.
      Most here hope
      it to be sooner than later. When others feel like
      us, the stock will go higher.
      Until then, we just
      have to wait while watching what we hope to remain a
      steady trading range.
      I still belive that without
      higher growth in sales and profits short term. the
      street will not believe that they have what it takes to
      Even if there is great value in their technology, lack
      of funds will create a fire sale.

    • Good news for CTE. Go to Yahoo finance to read.

    • Shortplayboy,wanting to buy a stock low is
      understandable.However,I think ,in this case,your efforts to talk the
      stock down are,not merely misplaced,but potentially
      harmful to the company as well as to yourself and other
      investors [unless you are short the stock].Cardiotech is a
      company with tremendous[although as yet
      unrealised]potential which needs large amounts of investment capital
      to carry out its programs,e.g.[a]expansion of
      vascular graft capacity,[b]peripheral graft clinical
      trials,[c]beginning studies on the CABG,etc.They are simply not going
      to raise the necessary funds with the stock stuck in
      a 1-2 rut.We should all be hoping for a much
      higher,not lower price because the sooner CTE can raise
      money to execute its programs the more successful it
      will be as a company and as an investment.

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      • 'yet unrealised' potential is a foolish gamble.
        Where is the pressure to produce, if you reap the
        reward prior to earning it.
        I've did my DD on this
        company and by no way am I damaged by the low price of
        the stock. I'm an investor of CTE and not a seller of
        the stock.
        Let them use higher sales and profits
        to pay the way for the trails and not put that bill
        on the backs of the retail investors.
        investors have been wiped out by footing the bill for a
        company that could not cut it.
        I do not want to temp
        any insider in selling out and reaping any reward
        without the results of added value to the retail
        This is a dog eat dog world and I want CTE to bite and
        not just bark.
        Do not make CTE an emotional
        It will take you to the cleaners.

      • Whether the stock is at $1 or $1.75, this is
        clearly the time to be accumulating (assuming you think
        this company will fulfill its potential). If this
        company blossoms, I won't care whether I bought at $1, or
        even $2, because it will be higher than that. It would
        be a shame if it actually goes up to say $3 while
        you are waiting for it to fall to $1. As for the role
        of the institutions, volume is so light right now
        that if a large investor so desired to manipulate the
        price they could easily do so with a large transaction,
        and THAT will have a far bigger effect than
        Shortplayboy's talk on a message board.