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  • acqualife90 acqualife90 May 21, 2014 1:34 AM Flag

    How to tell how many shorts have to cover

    So like most of you i have been on this epic journey. Regardless of whether you believe the stock will rise or fall tomorrow, can you tell me how you know how many shorts covered and how my shorts need to cover? I understanding the mechanics of shorting a stock and that some internet sites provide the amount of short interest with the average trading volume, but do you know at any given time how many what is the short interest or how many need to cover? According to nasdaqtrader as of 4/30/2014 there were ~572000 short interest. Does that mean in all ~572000 shares need to be returned to the brokerage they came? So with a small short interest and such a large volume today and yesterday how could they not cover? Did they just short before the past two days and didn't cover in time for the upsurge, or ~572000 shares shorted basically cause a short squeeze. After writing this i remember they had a 1:50 split a couple of times. I guess if you had ~572000 shares which increase by 50x that can be a lot to cover :/

    Sorry for the long post but i hope everyone who reads this makes money :)

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