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  • NigelMolesworth NigelMolesworth Dec 28, 2011 1:33 PM Flag

    Anyone else here having trouble getting paid by HP?

    I own a few hundred shares of AUTNF.PK and I haven't been paid for them by HP.

    I've spoken with my broker (TD Ameritrade) several times, and had e-mail correspondence with HP Investor Relations, HP Global Equity, and Barclay's Capital (HP's advisor on the Autonomy buyout) and no one seems to know what's going on.

    Thanks in advance,


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    • hp / autonomy and hp just got their butts kid by vcsy . see judge seeborg ruling on 12-29-11

    • I also own Ameritrade told me they have nothing to do with the takeover and that HP has to give me an offer. I decided it must be because it is a pink sheet stock hey will not get in touch with me and it is lost money.

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      • I wrote HP investor relations asking "where's my money?" and they put me in touch with Barclays Capital, who assisted HP as a financial advisor in the buyout of Autonomy.

        Barclays is saying that the deal is done and that we should be paid for these shares at the same rate as Autonomy shareholders in the UK (£25.5 per share). The UK shares have been paid off and delisted; I can see no reason why the American Depository Receipts ("ADRs") which are and should be any different from the UK shares.

        I'll be persistent with HP IR and Barclays (and with Ameritrade) and let you know what I find out. If you like, please e-mail me at and we can collaborate on how we get paid and not ripped off.

        This shouldn't be happening and I hope litigation won't be necessary.