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  • stacybughs stacybughs Aug 9, 2007 11:03 AM Flag

    What is his reason to be here...only?

    So1dier and axejoke, and of course farht...,
    Farht, I'm not sure of your motivation? You don't show up on any other Yahoo message boards, you spend lots of time on this one. You claim you don't own much, if at all right now. Are you on the board of directors??? Should we check?

    I hope, as you say, that you are just trying to provide balance. I'm just surprised that you would spend so much effort here, and nowhere else without a position.

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    • Fahrt,
      I'm curious... if you are not long this stock, as you have said, and you are planning to buy on dips, as you have said, why wouldn't you want the stock to go down?

      I think the answer could be that you are a board member, or other insider deperately trying to keep the stock propped up for unsuspecting investors.

      If that is the case, you should check into the legality of that practice. If it's not the case, then what is?

    • Has it occurred to anyone that some of the major holders of CLM may have reps to extol the virtues of funds like this one? [See list on Yahoo]. As far as I know, nothing wrong with having paid lobbists to tout your holdings. Noticed that one director, Mr Thomas Lenagh, sold a modest position for 8.65 on July 31. 2007.. That is almost exactly what we received for a somewhat larger sale in July. The director may know more than we know about future distributions, although I'd doubt that the Board has discussed in detail the October changes yet. JMHO.

    • Why do you care? I am here for the reasons expressed in my "motivation" post. I LOVE CLM, always have, always will. Let's get on with the debate. I think it benefits shareholders, potential shareholders, and even the shorts.

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      • I wouldn't say i love CLM, i just love the money I'm gonna make on my short ;)

        Anyways, I find this board to be pretty good compared to other ones. At least here everybody is talking about something relevant. Good message boards can be a valuable tool one can use to feel out the market, people, common motivations and overall sentiment. Sometimes they can be educational as well.

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