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  • pmeives pmeives Aug 13, 2010 12:41 PM Flag

    why is this down

    this has had a continual down trend. thoughts?

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    • This pretty much sucks. SHO and the other hotels are up. I have to wonder if it is the high concentration of So. Cal beach locations that must be hurting from 55 degree ocean temps. In the dead of winter the water usually only dips to 57.

    • The correct answer is that their are more seller then buyers for BEE now! It looks like Geller has to step it up if he wants to get this stock up! A profit is what everyone is looking for! I think one quarter of profit - even a cent will zoom BEE over $6 mark and I will sell my remaining shares! It will happen in time but I do not see it until after the mid-terms in 2010 if the Republicans take over the House and Senate. If not; then the stock market and the consumption will keep on being the same as now! I not a Republican or a Democrat but this situation in Congress is so one sided anti-business and they wonder why their is no job creation by business. Obama is such an idealogue! Nobody going to change his mind! The Demos only answer is to do another stimulus of $250-$500 billion in the same way too - give it out to the unemployed and middle class and restrict it to the upper class(2%-$250,000 and over) since they are Obama's enemy for some reason and they only account for 30% of the spending. Labor unions and environmentalist do not seem to have created any jobs! Big surprise?

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      • You may not be a repub or dem but you sound like a tea partier. It isn't the jobs of unions to create jobs it is the job of unions to protect workers from unsafe working conditions, excessive low wages, unreasonable firing and neopotism. It's not the job of enviromentalist to create jobs, their job is to protect the enviroment from devastation by reckless individuals and corporations. By your post you seem to believe the middle class and unemployed should bear the burdens of the financial problems yet the wealthier are being abused. Financial regulation and health care will in the long run be a huge positive for the nation and economy. The present situation was caused by lack of regulation or enforcement of regulation. One more thing, it wasn't unions that shipped well paying american manufacturing jobs over seas, it was american corrporations.

    • Perhaps the approaching expiration of the Bush tax cuts, of obvious concern to the wealthy, is affecting BEE's revenues and stock price. Even the upper crust eventually feels the pinch and perhaps were finally seeing it's affect on the posh travel industry; especially as the dollar starts to again weaken. This is simply idle speculation on my part and who really knows for sure? I don't.

    • Although no reccomendation, I see no reason for the selloff BEE is seeing.

    • Seems like it has been dropping more than ever since that Barron's article came out. Which is why I would like to know what it says.

    • No idea. Most hotel stocks down but the action in BEE the last couple of weeks seems over blown. As for the industry everything seems to be improving. Haven't been able to find any BEE specific info.