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  • ktnld520 ktnld520 Jul 20, 2005 9:17 PM Flag

    Why Sears will Bankrupt SHLD

    They cling to the master plan.....
    "What's your phone-number.? What's your name.? What's your address.?" I stopped shopping at places like Sears and Radio Shack long ago for their invasion of privacy.

    Like 10's of millions of people who USED to shop there we have given up the ghost for places like WalMart, Longs and other places that don't ask questions. They just take our cash and say, " Hold onto your receipt."

    The piss off factor. My wife goes into radio-shack 7-8 years ago and charges batteries on her credit-card. She gets mailed a catalogue.
    The same catalogue I wanted 4 months before, but was told I couldn't get. Why did she gt the catalogue.? She gave my phone number and they probably saw the $8,000-$9,000 I had spent there in the past 15 years. My problem is I always pay cash. They figure if she uses a credit-card she'll mail order. They probably were impressed by the 2 $150 karaoke mikes I bought earlier in the year, along with the $325 TV, the $375 organ, The $150 antennae set I bought for my brother out in the country along with numerous other items that year. After that x-mas I never went back.

    If I didn't have to buy that vacuum cleaner belt, I would have never have seen that compound-mitre-saw. Right price and features. After spending 1/2 hour reading/comparing other saws, I grabbed a box and put it on the sales counter looked the salesclerk in the eye and said, " I don't have a phone number and I don't have any name."
    She looked back at me and said, " What's your phone number.?" I sais I didn't have any. Then she said, "What's your name.?" I said, as I lifted the box to put it back on display, "Thanks for reminding me why I don't shop here." Went down the street to home-depot and paid the $20 extra for the same machine. Paid my money. And the clerk said, "Save your receipt." And I said, "Thanks."

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