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  • boyz1986 boyz1986 May 21, 2008 4:10 PM Flag

    I work at Sears

    I am an employee of Sears, I help people find merchandise and keep clothes organized. Those of you who think customer service is poor, you're right. Ever notice almost all the employees are under 20 years old? They are trying to cut costs by paying minimum wage. The employer gets what they pay for, which is minimum effort. In the store I work at, I've told managers about complaints and things customers regularly request, and they couldn't care less. The air conditioner is never turned on enough, it is hot as heck. I don't want to work hard when its hot, and shoppers sure do not want to shop. Then management wonders why sales are down. I've been shorting SHLD since 110$, and I can't believe I almost bought shares with my 5% employee discount. Sears stores are one of the most unvisited department stores in the mall, and will start losing money fast.

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    • "I am an employee of Sears"....

      All I can say about that is "you poor bastard". Quit that dump and find a new job before your paycheck bounces. Good luck.

    • As I have mentioned in my prior posts I worked at Sears as well. The one great thing about this company is the integrity of its employees. If you get caught doing something that compromises the integrity of the company your gone. No matter what else you have done for the company... your gone. Take $20 dollars your gone. Take a piece of merchandise out the back door without paying your gone. Take... I think you get the just of the matter here. So the moral of the story is this ... very little compromises occur because of this value this company holds.

    • Morningstar analyst Kim Picciola said the internal upheaval has made things worse for Sears amid an economic downturn.

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      • Sears pays minimum wage, and we all know that states are pushing up their own minimum wages, since the Federal one isn't going up fast enough. By next year, each employee at the Sear's I work at will be making 1$ more. Thats a huge expense, we have about 50 employees a day, working 8 hours, x 1 extra dollar. Thats 400$ more a day per store. Other expenses will also rise such as workers compensation since they are based upon salary. It will be hard to overcome an outdated model, poor consumer economy, and poor management.

    • I'm not sure about customer service at Sears - since I have'nt entered a Sears store in over 9 years. But at Kmart, just let it be said that there are no 'Menza' members at the corporate level - not to mention the help at the stores which were probably were recruited from under some rock in the Ozarks.

    • Thanks, it seems like you have some experience in retail. It is a really boring job, basically you just have to be there incase a customer actually has a question, we're not there to listen to complaints about why the store is lacking. It gets old having to apologize about management's lack of foresight and initiative.

    • I'm not a teen, I'm 21. I've been working at Sears for 3 years, I have basically told you all I know. What Sears is good for is flexible scheduling, and thats why I stay. I work less than 20 hours a month by choice.

    • boyz you know too much to be a teen... I think your fibbing on that one. However, if you don't think this is working they way you feel it should stop crying and go work for Wal-mart or Home Depot.... just a thought boyz......

    • Hey, You critics that want a "Sears Cop" or make comments about getting back to work. Try it awhile yourselves to see if you can get this stock to increase! I would love to watch you struggle with all that it takes to get through the day in Retail. Just trying to fulfill customer needs and to get them to want to come back is a struggle with what the stores have to work with. Get a CLUE.

    • Yes I agree the registers are too old, and not efficient by any stretch of the imagination. What is less efficient is the lack of empowerment for the average employee. Almost every transaction that is not cookie-cutter must be verified by a manager with a swipe card. They obviously do not trust their workers, the reason is because they are 16 year old high school students. The phone system is actually quite efficient in my opinion, we also have a walkie talkie system to reduce paging over the intercom.

    • What would a "Sears Cop" do? Are they suppose to censor me for reporting not so delightful things from the inside? It's not like I told you the exact dollar loss for the quarter, that would be illegal. I'm a student, and I do not depend on Sears for money so even if their longterm stability is nonexistent, I am not quitting. As for full time workers who are fully vested in Sears and its shares for retirement, might have to think about taking some loses. Sears use to be able to provide their long time employees really nice pensions and they ended up retiring with a nice chunk of change when the company use to be profitable.

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