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  • steveredlish steveredlish Sep 6, 2009 8:24 PM Flag

    Great Short

    Selling this POS short is as close to stealing as you can get without going to jail. The only support for SHLD is from Wall Streeters that still believe in Eddie. These are the same nut jobs that believed in the ratings the S&P, Fitch and that other turd gave to CDOs. I think the last thing that Bernie Madoff told his wife was to sell her ten shares of SHLD. He might have said it was the only investment that would have a worse return than his.

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    • Did you buy PUTS? How did you find the shares? I'm long own shares and sold PUTS for 5times what they're worth

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      • Actually, I have a neighbor that is a sales rep. Kohls and Sears and K-Mart are among her clients. She essentially said that the K-Mart business is dead and Sears is worse. According to her, they aren't even smart enough to gain efficiences by merging their purchasing staffs. Sears is taking nothing in the way of markdowns which makes their invetory number real suspect. If you look at their accouts payable relative to inventory it is clear that they are leaning on vendors for terms that are at best unusual. Thier book value for property plant and equipment has to be way overvalued. Who want's a failed Sear's mall with a failed Sears as it's anchor? Goodwill? Intangible assets? What the hell do they actually own of value besides the Craftsman brand?

        They are so desperate they are trying cosmetics departments again. Are you kidding me. Is your wife or girlfriend going to Sears because they need lip liner or mascara. Don't think so.

        In a nutshell, Sears doesn't have even a kernal of the retail market they can build on. All they have is Eddie who probably has more on his mind with a hedgefund that is probably in worse shape.

    • How's that working out for you?, im long btw. Oct 65 calls.

    • By that other turd, were you referring to Moody's?

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