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  • juicyjessica24 juicyjessica24 Jan 7, 2010 12:58 PM Flag


    I haven't shopped in Sears for at least 3 years, how could this be possible? last time I checked I went in Sears stores only to find junk and empty ailes, no shoppers whatsoever... FUCKIN LIARS.. 44Million Float, they know how to squeeze the shorts and steal their money and move on to the next scam

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    • Those are my thoughts exactly.

      KMart's are old, dirty and run-down. Most closed in my area. Only does well where no WalMart near. (Like inner city Chicago, etc).

      Some Sears nice and new but very poorly run.

      Products aren't even that great anymore.

      - WalMart/Target will continue to gain marketshare for daily supplies
      >>> As well as tools (Black & Decker and Stanley for less than half the price as Craftsman)
      - BestBuy for appliances, TV's, electronics
      - AutoZone/O'Reilly's for auto-batteries
      - Goodyear/Firestone for service (or local guy)
      - Kohl's/JC Penney's for clothes
      - Home Depot/Lowe's for lawn and garden
      - J.Crew over Land's End now that Aunt Esther endorsed them.

      Long-term, it's my belief they can't compete.

    • I agree Kmarts here in Florida are empty, You can't find a knowledgeable or helpful employee period.Looks like they are running skeleton crews. Wall mart has everything I need, why would I want or need to go to a Kmart?Only thing I would go to Sears for is to shop for a vacuum cleaner. Looks like a bunch of BS to me.

    • look how people are selling now

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