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  • dbraem09 dbraem09 May 29, 2012 12:46 PM Flag


    I recently took a dump at the local .... (just kidding; I wanted to grab the attention of the 90% of you interested in dumps).

    Can anyone quickly provide the Kmart operating earnings/losses over the past 3 years and then provide a value range of what those earnings would be worth?

    Based on the insight of some of the more intelligent posters here, I get a feeling that this will be the remaining operating asset when all is said and done.

    After we get some intelligence feedback, maybe we can examine the liquidation value again of the rest of the business.

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    • A few weeks ago i stopped in at the Everett Kmart and picked up two pair of black leather Thom McAn work shoes. Man, are they comfy and were on a buy one, get any other shoe selection (same price or lower) for 1/2 price. Two nice pr. of shoes for under 60 bucks....

    • no sour grapes,
      no loss.
      You obviously know nothing about investing-

      How could I not afford to sell? what is that scenario?

      go back to the "stitch and bitsch" board.

      everyone can afford to sell-it's the idiots who can't afford NOT to sell.
      I can afford to sell my position or to buy more.

      You just disgust me by repeatedly undermining the company you work for on multiple chat rooms.

      here's an idea: own your life. live within your means.
      Pay off your credit cards: interest rates don't matter if you don't use them.

      stop biting the tit that feeds you, as if her blood is somehow better for you than her milk.
      OR- Move out.

      don't be surprised when you get smacked by the mommy you hate despite all she has done for you.

    • Sour grapes?
      My guess is you can't afford to sell your "just buy one share 'investment' " at a loss. Feel sorry for ya.

    • my gf walked into a kmart and said it was an empty dump with terrible service and said they were charging double the price for cheap wine you could buy at the grocery store or target, she said it was difficult to find things and had a bad selection of cleaning products. i went to a different store and it was empty but they were the only place that sold bandanas (for costume). it was also a dump. my question is this? why would anyone go to sears or kmart when you can go to target, costco, any drug store, or your favorite local supermarket. i don't know anyone who shops at these stores and given that this pos doesn't make money why would anyone own this giant cow pie of a stock???????????

    • It's hard to say what that income stream is worth because the differences between the 2005/2006 economy and the more recent economy are so extreme.

      Suppose the economy can continue to improve and in two years we've created 4 million more jobs (about 160K monthly)....Will Kmart be back to the earnings level they once were?

      If they are not, will Kmart sublease stores?

      What is the income stream potential from subleasing stores that aren't performing?

      What impact will Shop Your Way Rewards have on profitability?

      In my opinion, Shop Your Way Rewards is a game changer, but Kmart will never achieve historical levels of profits without major support from job creation, sale of property and sublease of property, AND Shop Your Way Rewards.

      That said, I still expect Kmart to continue to be profitable at a level that is better than recent history performance.

    • Good thing you began your post the way you did or I would not have paid attention.

      Kmart historical operating income:

      Q3 $40 million
      Q4 $561 million

      Q1 $95 million
      Q2 $128 million
      Q3 $($59 million)
      Q4 $237 million


      Q1: ($21 million)
      Q2: $22 million
      Q3: ($103 million)
      Q4: $274 million


      Q1 $17 million
      Q2 ($51 million)
      Q3 ($72 million)
      Q4 $296 million


      Q1 $59 million
      Q2 19 million
      Q3 ($56 million)
      Q4 $331 million


      Q1 $21 million
      Q2 ($16 million)
      Q3 ($108 million)
      Q4 $69 million


      Q1 $70 million

      Cumulative operating income since 2H 2006 $1,753,000,000

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