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  • roguecashier roguecashier Sep 21, 2012 10:11 PM Flag

    Rouge K-Mart Cashier, reporting to HQ on how to save the company...

    Rogue K-Mart Cashier here, telling HQ what it NEEDS to hear. Let me make this straight, I LOVE K-Mart and want it to live, so let me tell you how you are KILLING it. First of, that fricking survey that comes up on the keypad, EVERY CUSTOMER HATES THAT SURVEY. I personally punch in the top rating if the customer isn't looking (and have been advised to do so by higher-ups), if they are looking, I hit the red button and kill it. I see the frustration CONSTANTLY of infuriated customers who slide their credit card and are angry that it didn't go through because "Mister Blue Light" wants to know if they want to recommend K-Mart to their friends.

    Next up, the clearance deals, the system is AWFUL, nearly half the time an item with a markdown tag will ring up at full price. I honestly know to look at the monitor and catch it if the item rings up at full price, but many of the other cashiers don't. But, I'm not perfect, and by golly, the customers quite rightfully get FURIOUS that they're not getting the price that the tag promised.

    And now let's talk about the "Rewards Cards" I don't think anybody has any appreciation for the hell we get put through every day from the angry customers who don't want to give out their e-mail address (and never mind that NOBODY USES E-MAIL ANYMORE), and I'll also say that now that you recently made an e-mail address mandatory for new rewards members, I've encountered dozens upon dozens of people who WANTED to become rewards members, but I had to reject because they personally didn't possess an e-mail address.

    And then, there's the mile long line of coupons attached to the receipt that NOBODY EVER REDEEMS, and nearly every customer reacts to with REVILE. I can't count the number of times I've been told "Killing 3 trees" when that long long long receipt spews out of the printer, what I do know is that I'm CONSTANTLY hearing complains about it and NOBODY redeems coupons, for the most part, which is a good thing, because NOTHING makes me grimace more than when 98% of the time, if a person oddly enough does actually present one, the error message of "Reward Not Met" will pop up. Get rid of the mile long receipts, EVERY customer, and I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, has nothing but HATRED for them.

    Oh and finally, the credit card business, let's just say this, the people who want the credit cards don't have the credit score to get them, and the people who have the credit score to get them, don't want them. I don't even try to get the credit cards anymore, and I get away with it by getting decent rewards cards numbers.

    I say all of this not to bash you K-Mart, I say this to be the person in the crowd screaming out, "The Emperor has no clothes!" in hopes that you might WAKE UP and change policy that is ALIENATING your customers

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    • Regarding Rewards Points. Sales Associates at Sears work for commissions. If a customer uses Rewards points to pay for ANY portion of the transaction, the Sales Associate receives ZERO commission. Withe exception of Sears credit cards, they are instructed (with the threat of job loss sometimes) to push the Rewards program more than any other program. Even though it means they will lose income when these points are redeemed. Huh?

    • Ok, time for a reality check. Think of kmart and sears as dead carcasses on a deserted road and Lampert and all his hedgefund friends as crows.

    • And in addition, let's talk about the cash registers you give us. No doubt you know they are ancient relics that are absolute garbage. Learning to successfully operate one is like learning a foreign language, but I've passed that mark now, I pretty much know how to run one of the registers, but that can't overcome the fact that they're extremely crash-prone and when one crashes, it's a 10 minute reboot sequence,and let's not forget that half of the hand scanners are busted and HQ has no intention of fixing them, every day you come into work, you say a little prayer that you'll get one of the coveted registers that still has a functional hand scanner, because the plate scanner is WORTHLESS for scanning Rewards Cards & coupons, VIRTUALLY anything from cosmetics,or anything with a small or even semi obstructed bar code, and of course there's the fun of the large pieces of furniture that you've got to crawl around to hand write the UPC number on paper and then handkey into the system. I mean, seriously, the hardware we work with is GARBAGE that should have been sent to the landfill a decade ago, and not only does it make our jobs more difficult, it also delays & infuriates the customers.

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      • webid16 Oct 2, 2012 1:44 PM Flag


        You are 100% correct on every point. I work in a Kmart Store too and hear the same complaints. In fact, most of our associates won’t even shop there. This is because we are also overpriced especially in HBA area. In addition to registers failing, our refrigerators/freezers are also failing so people are afraid to buy food or milk there as well..

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • But if they spent all the money required to fix all of those issues, how would they fund the giant crater sized hole on their balance sheet also known as the pension?

        At the end of the day, reality is reality. You don't put cash into a store that may be failing and you don't put cash into a store where you can't get a return.

        Do you know the sales history of your store? I'm assuming sales are lower each year than they year before.

        If I were Kmart, I'd pay you more per hour to compensate for your willingness to put up with the frustration. Why spend $10,000 per register on replacement point of sale systems if the store doesn't make money anyway?

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