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  • r.e.alton Nov 16, 2012 3:35 PM Flag

    No wonder

    I bought a lawn mower a while back at a Sears store but wasn't able to take it home because I was on my motorcycle. They said no problem we'll put it in the back and you have 90 days to get it. Well when I went to pick it up at merchandise pickup a guy comes out and asks me what I'm driving. I point to my pick up truck and he goes out and takes a look at it, comes back in and say it may not fit. I say it will and he says the tractor won't fit. I tell him it's a lawn mower not a tractor and he looks at the sales slip and says yes you're right. Then he says he'll be back. After 20 minutes he comes back and says he can't find the lawn mower but they will refund my money and give me a $20 gift certificate for losing it. I said I'd rather have my lawn mower but I guess I'll have to take the refund since there's no mower to be had. So I accepted the refund and took the gift certificate, went home, called Sears and canceled my Sears credit card. I'm sure things like this happen at Sears stores all around the country all the time. Wonder why Sears stock is in the crapper?

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