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  • rockymtn50 rockymtn50 Jul 23, 2013 7:47 PM Flag

    Should be renamed Sears Dumping Corp

    Not a hold stockwise and the company is a dumping ground for talentless buffoons....morale at HR must be at an all-time low as well.

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    • morale has been stabalized at the "all-time low" for many years now. The morale working for Eddie is and has been zero (in all departments.) i haven't yet seen a chart that plots negative morale (not that there might not be some out there) and I'm guessing you would have to have an infinite amount of bottom-of-the-page space and go to the end of infinity if it were possible and plot the name "Eddie." The employees are quite aware that Eddie bought and merged these companies to pieces-parts them out having no concern for the employees and what they were going to do after they lost their jobs. and then the market crashed! Ha ha (kind of tongue and cheek 'cause Eddie still manages to take his billions out of it.) Now to kill the time and keep sucker's investing so he can take that money and eventually claim it all to himself, he has to play "pretend retailer."

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