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  • redhawksfootball redhawksfootball Aug 7, 2013 11:28 AM Flag

    Dark days coming.....mainly at Kmarts

    For associates and stores alike......going to be sad

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    • As long as they get a good price for the real estate...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to thedarthxander
      • Real Estate... One of Kmart's many failures are not keeping up with demographic trends and maintaining the "status quo". What might have been a desirable location 40 years ago can be ghetto today. Kmart's future is bleak, and SHLD's failure to reinvest in maintaining it's stores will quicken it's demise.

      • I guess you weren't around, when "FAST EDDIE" screwed the stockholders out K/Mart's realestate. I along with other stockholders sued and Eddie and his gang of thieves that got Sears stock for the K/mart realestate and we lost everything invested in K/mart.

        And you think this won't happen again! You better check the facts.... and find out that when this stock STARTS to head to 30.....................................

        Eddie will be selling his huge amount of share that he bought, three years ago, at a discounted price of $30, which was LESS then half the price of the stock, that everyone else had to buy at $70...."It's good to be king"..... but MORE, find out the past facts and look it up at the insider buying...when and if you do, you will find the rat in the wood pile.

        Headed to 11...Chapter !! and if you don't review the past scams it's your own lack of research.

        I have tried endlessly for two years, to purchase more shorts but NONE are available. What's that tell you?

        Fast Eddie will win again and come out of it with profit, as always, and you will lose your money if you invest in his scam.

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