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  • shawnsmith5100 Nov 16, 2012 10:38 AM Flag

    Added 300 shares TNA today

    Some geo-political event could make me wish I had stayed in cash, but no pain no gain.

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    • lusob09 Nov 16, 2012 12:29 PM Flag

      Remember, don't make too much money. If you make more make more than 1% your breaking the law. The average trader/investor is only allowed to make 1% return. While the super rich and smart money are allowed to make triple digits or more.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • ....took very nice profits on my position in DNO because this war mongering nation of ours seems hell bent on getting involved in another endless (for profit) war in the Middle East (David Rockefeller and his merry band of kleptocrats is known to be pressuring O'bummer to invade Iran, or at least bomb it into the stone age). Just what this economy needs, another effin' war.

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      • ...and themselves loaded up on cheap call options before they engineer the next short covering rally. The BOYZ @ JPMorganChase and Goldman Sachs are the PPT's proxies for pulling off these stunts using taxpayer's fund funneled to them by the FED and/or the DEPT of Treasury. They manage to make huge profits on these big upside and downside swings.

        Don't think for a minute this all wasn't staged. The PPT had taken huge short positions prior to them "engineering" that huge post election sell-off. Yes, the markets are rigged, DUH!

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