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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Feb 28, 2003 2:40 PM Flag

    Debt? stuck @ 39

    Dear tony7in, <post reproduced below>
    I think Lowe's is using progressively-increasing debt to moderately inflate their earnings & thus make headlines. I think that people should be sure to consider paying off that debt when they buy into the business.

    But, to respond to your post more directly: I think that you are a damn lunatic. I tell you this as a friend. Here's my advice: wrap yourself in plastic sheeting & duct tape, then roll down into the basement. Wait for the "all-clear".

    Subj: Debt? stuck @ 39
    By: tony7in
    Date: 02/28/03 10:12 am

    Holy $hit bat man , this stock is stuck @ 39 !! What do we do now?? Buy or Sell or just $hit in our pants! ALL the analysts say this is their TOP picks But LOW has sooo much debt so I think their ALL wrong. This is how I pick a good stock (IT'S ALL ABOUT DEBT). LOW will never make it and home improvement and construction will STOP next week after we go to war. Also LOW will stop steeling all of HD profits as of today. This company is growing by leaps and bounds it will be what HD was years ago. Were not stuck @ 39 you idiot , give it time , mabey we should hit 65 by next week.But I bought 7,000 @ 33 so should I hold or sell ..SOMEONE HELP ME,I don't know what Iam doin!!

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