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  • gradation2002 gradation2002 Aug 24, 2011 7:18 PM Flag

    trying to get a refund at a local lowes

    This is a complaint:

    Purchased things for a new back deck.

    Met contractor at Lowe's and paid for material with my debit. Some material had to be returned. I told the person doing the return to make sure the refund goes to my debit card ( I had all rec. ) she said no problem, done. She refunded back to a LAR?? account and not my debit.

    Here starts my frustrations with a traded company.

    Spending over one hour in the Port Richey Fl. store trying to get the crdeit on my debit I called their corp. office and was told this can be taken care of no problem.

    Since I have been harrassed with two calls from the Port Richey store telling me there is nothing they can do for me||| When I can speak to the CEO I will tell him to keep my $72.00

    Sorry my any mispeiing

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    • Your contractor had you buy it with an LAR so you would get 5% off. The front end sounds inexperienced. They should have bought a gift card with the LAR account and cashed it out. Problem solved.

    • I'm totally confused why someone had to give you such a rude reply. But, with that said let me kinda give you my opinion. First off I doubt that you were harassed by a Lowe's Employee, but I wasn't there, so I don't know. What is really a shame today is the garbage we have to take back. We hear lame excuses day after day and if you have never worked in returns at a retail store you probably wouldn't believe it if I started telling you some of the garbage we hear. We are forced to take stuff back that has to then just be thrown away. Last week we had a gentleman return a $400.00 roll around tool box. He said we damaged it putting it in the back of his truck. Mind you, it was still in the box. If the truth was known he probably lost it on the way home. If you looked at the card board box and the toolbox you would guess it was dropped on the ground and then stomped on. That did happen when it got loaded. We have taken back perfectly good tools and were told they didn't work, but you look at it and you can tell they used it. What Lowe's needs to do and the reason Lowe's is losing so much money it because of all the returns we take back on stuff that is supposedly bad and it's not. Lowe's does way too much hand holding and we see it everyday. I try real hard to help the customer and make sure that they are getting everything they need when they come into my store. But there are times I have to just bite my tongue. For everyone that keeps bashing Lowe's got to HD, you won't make me mad. I won't shop at a store that's not full filling my needs. So just go and leave us alone. We will survive without your business. We already have an awesome cliential with some great customers. So if you are the customer that is just going to come in and whine about everything then go somewhere else. Now that above statement is not directed towards the person who started the post. It's for the few people out there that can't wipe their own butts. Like everthing else in life you do, you need to us some common sense. So the next time you go shopping use common sense and don't expect me to hold your hand and be honest with me, and don't start spewing a bunch of lies.

    • If you were not so retarded, you would have bought what you needed. People like you that return 20% of whatever you buy because your to retarded to know what you need , kill the employees. Sit & spin.

    • take the cash and deposit it back in to the account

      problem solved

      • 1 Reply to bull1922
      • That was not an option given to me. I spoke with the District Manager today and he was very nice. If you pay for something at Lowe's and your with your contractor at the store make sure they do not take your payment and put it as a credit to their LAR? account because if you have to return something yourself, they get the credit and not you and your out the stuff you returned. Like getting stung by the same bee twice. Should get my credit back as soon as I can get back to Lowe's. Their District Manager was a pleasure to talk to which is rare in retail.

    • get a life clown take a 2 by 4 and hit the wall u will feel better

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