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  • cpa38 cpa38 Apr 1, 2013 10:45 PM Flag

    SICK OF THIS *$&, sorry #$%$* excuse of a retail chain.

    Out of stock. Out of stock. Out of stock. Out of stock on all the common items. Out of stock, all the time.

    Today it was spark plugs, bolts to attach license plate to trailer, Oil based Armor paint. Out of stock, out of stock, out of stock. Last week it was sandpaper, nails for nail gun, and 2" oil based paint brush. Out of stock, out of stock, out of stock.

    Lowes is always, ALWAYS a roll of the die as to whether they will have what I need. It's gotten so very bad, that at times I just don't even try. I drive right on by that sorry store and travel the extra 5 miles down the road to go to HD. Ever since they centralized all ordering and inventory control at Corporate, and took it out of the hands of the local store managers, it's been nothing but OUT OF STOCK, OUT OF STOCK, OUT OF STOCK.

    You want to know why HD is kicking Lowes tail now?

    Easy ... OUT OF STOCK. LOWES stands for OUT OF STOCK.

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    • Ask customer service and they will order it on line and have it delivered to your house free of charge. They have a great program. If a problem see the Mgr or ask for District Mgr #

    • You crazy? Eat up wit da dumb #$%$? I'm in at 27. happy as a pig in doo doo I am.

    • Your sentiment is shared. The problem with Lowes is that the stores let corporate do most of the replenishment for them (auto-replenishment; which sucks). The way it should work is having the associates in the respective dept. manage inventory - stay on top of items that are out, low in quantity, fast sellers etc. and take ownership; micro manage their respective inventory. The associates are in the midst of inventory reality at a location, not corporate. Associates can react to inventory conditions much faster and more accurately than some auto-replenishment algorithm monitored by a corporate out of touch dweeb.
      There's plenty of the product available that you are finding out of stock; problem is it isn't getting to that store - that one of 1,800 stores.

    • you need to go to either Home Depot or your local hardware store. I don;t want to see you in the ER with a heart attack. Sell your Lowe's stock, watch a little TV while you are in the hospital room recovering. I'll buy your shares of Lowe's.Remind your nurse that your meds have to be taken by 10:30 pm otherwise you can't sleep and you'll disturb the other patients.

    • Sales MUST really be up !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ive been a customer a long time - never had any problems

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