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  • dsc20601 May 13, 2013 5:46 PM Flag

    Why doesnt lowes pay ppl pensions.

    They are losing lots of good people & the good people that stay, will retire in poverty.Its kinda sad, they are a good company but need to take care of their reitrees

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    • Lowes allows it employees to buy company stock at a 15% discount(up to 20% of an employees' income). Recently one of its employees(age 58) retired with over $3.4mm in stock, putting $30-$40 a week away in their ESPP.
      Lowes also matches the first 6% of an employees 401k at 4.75%. Their benefits package is way above par, reasonably priced and is bought on pretax dollars. If you don't want to retire poor, have the discipline to pay yourself first. If you work there and are paying too much in taxes, shelter it. If you want to make more money there, tell the guy who puts the lawnmowers and grills together that you'll pick up a screwdriver and help him. Show some initiative and that you want to get ahead, instead of fault finding on lame message boards.
      One of the best ways to bankrupt any private or public entity is to institute or continue a defined benefit program. The days of Debs and Gompers standing up for workers who were being abused have passed. Half of these idiots call off at least one day a week, leave early and wonder why they're constantly broke. They deserve what they're getting.

    • Same reason they hire mostly part timers, cut out commissions - to keep costs down and boost shareholder
      returns. Lowe's share prices are maintained by cuts at the expense of employees, plus the usual seasonal spike is driving this up. Eventually there will be nothing left to cut and this POS will drop back into the low 40's . Shorting this pig soon.

    • Yes, the pensions are up to the individual!!!buy our own pension!!! Why should owes or anyother company pay for your pension??? Same with social security!! "pay for your own retirement!!!! earn your own way!!
      the days of corrupt labor unions forcing companies to pay are over!!
      labor unions are corrupt and steal from workers!! ban all labor unions!!!! Make them illegal!!

    • webberino May 14, 2013 9:24 AM Flag

      pensions are a thing of the past- sad but true- its up to the worker to be creative and save in other ways- scary times

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