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  • boar292hog boar292hog Jun 15, 2013 5:04 PM Flag

    Is there anyway possible way LOWE'S could be slower?

    In for a sewer backup, bad day already! Wanted to order a few pation/basement doors......BIG MISTAKE. There was no one in line so I figured...why not! 20 MINUTES later the gal gave me a print off to pay 61 bucks for a rep to stop by for estimates. 20 MINUTES LATER. I feel sorry for the ONE CUSTOMER behind me for at least 15 of those wonderful minutes.
    Either operator head/space and timing is off or LOWE'S do I put this....SUCKS!
    When your guy gets here, I'm changing to order to one door, I'll get the other doors across town.
    Even the cash register checkout is antiquated.....both processes are BRUTAL! Its like why go to LOWE's?
    Then of course there is the 20% 5% percent off of any purchase as long as you use the card...then if you don't pay it off......BOHICA Baby....bend-over-here -it-comes-again! So I go out of my way to pay it the next the store I bought the pruducts at....and the purcahes is no where to be found in LOWE's SYSTEM! I bring my receipt and ask her to take the cash and credit me.

    Seriously LOWE's? Really? Seriously!?

    I use to think the airlines were bad so I stop flying! LMAO! I use to fly a few times per week! I don;t have to fly now or I might have committed suicide by now! LMAO!
    But not to worry, LOWE's has done its level best to put its customers though this BRUTAL PROCESS because it won;t upgrade its technology. So, see ya later! LOWE's !

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