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  • warprofits warprofits Jul 21, 2013 11:05 PM Flag

    How this drives the price of LOW stock.

    Ignore national "debt." It is irrelevant. Focus on deficit spending: Currently the supply of new dollars is growing (Federal deficit) at a rate that satisfies the need for more dollars abroad. The Federal deficit is also large enough to add a sufficient quantity of dollars to support economic growth in the U.S.--creating a new period of economic growth. This new economic growth initially benefits big-ticket sales--housing/autos/etc. After a few months the spending ripples through other industries. LOW stock is the beneficiary of growth in retail triggered by growth in the supply of money in circulation. Also, LOW is in the leading edge of industries that benefit first from new economic growth. In the months ahead, expect growth in the money supply to slow as the economy improves; but it will NOT end. A national debt is essential to a growing economy.

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    • About two years ago Lowe's eliminated one to two managers in each store. The sales management position was eliminated in all stores, stores have been closed, and now more lay offs. Then the sales commission incentive to sales specialist was discontinued. The appliance sales people earned commissions and the vendors paid them..this was also taken away. The small raise in the hourly rate doesn't come close to the same income for the employees. Basic equipped needed to perform your duties like a pallet jack (we waited of a year to get a new one) or power equipment are broken and they refuse to replace or fix them timely. It's not hard to figure out why morale is low. When a sales organization wants to drive sales, they take care of their employees, pay incentives and have great leaders in a sales management position helping to train,mentor and motivate the staff. You can only beat up your employees for so long and then they just leave. Regardless of what the stock is doing now...any company that resorts to the above tactics will be in serious financial trouble.

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