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  • warprofits warprofits Sep 19, 2013 8:52 PM Flag

    Everything is working.

    In earlier posts I explained why the economy was entering a new growth phase and why LOW stock would be a primary beneficiary of that growth--a boom in housing. Last spring, I predicted LOW stock would trade higher than 50 this year and higher than 60 in 2014. Now, months later, we see these forecasts becoming reality. For those who bought on my call, congratulations. But a word of caution. The game is buy and hold. Avoid the temptation to trade or take profits as the price of LOW stock approaches 50. LOW stock has a long way to go on the upside. Don't get off this train.

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    • Go Lowes!!!! Lot of non believers on her. Lowes may have dropped but so did Home Depot!!!

    • Lowe's is headed back to 40, Sport. A PE of 25 and no real long term growth drivers and 2nd place in everything it does. This is not a hold. Thank Ben Bernanke and cash in

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      • The growth driver is a booming housing market. Also, as home prices move higher, more home owners are motivated to renovate and improve their existing home. These drivers are pushing LOW's profits strongly higher--along with the price of the stock. (There is nothing wrong with being "2nd place" in an industry Such companies often give the biggest percentage return on invested money.)

    • You remind me of a guy who used to post here all the time. He's been run off now for a few years because he boldly predicted Citibank and Bank of America were the buys of a lifetime. Wow! He hasn't shown his face here since. A circus monkey can make money in this market with Uncle Ben throwing 85 billion a month into the pot to mask the problems. Spare us your visions of grandeur, eh? We've seen this act before from C/BAC Stockfisher.

    • when the qe stops and stocks are based solely on fundamentals, this thing will be 29

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      • Many investors see trouble "when the qe stops." But that is a misunderstanding of economics.

        Quantative easing will only stop when Bernanke believes the economy has the strength and momentum to stand on its own two feet. QE will end only when economic growth will continue without it. (We have been here before many times.)

        Because Republican trouble making (shutting down government; defaulting on the national debt; etc) produces "headwinds" for the economy, Bernanke will be cautious on the side of economic stimulus. My guess is we will see continued qe through next year's elections at least.

        But no matter. When qe ends, the economy will continue to grow for a couple of years. This engine will take LOW stock and major market indexes to highs no one would have expected only a year ago. You are missing an opportunity that only happens maybe once in a lifetime.

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