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  • spectracide spectracide Sep 21, 1999 11:46 AM Flag

    Damaged LOW stores???

    Does anyone know if and/or how many LOW stores
    were damaged (and maybe shut down) as a result of the
    flooding in the Carolinas. After all, this is where LOW
    has largest concentration of locations. While the
    flood will cause a TREMENDOUS surge in sales at LOW
    (and HD), if several LOW stores were closed/damaged as
    a result of the flood, we could see a very short
    term hit (like today). Thanks. I emailed IR, others
    ought to do the same.

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    • they showed a picture of a man the are seeking
      for questioning. The picture was taken in a LOWS that
      was bombed. The FBI is not calling him a suspect yet,
      but are seeking information on the man and want to
      talk to him.

    • Nice to hear from the inside. Your level approach
      is refreshing.
      The competition among store
      employees is vigorous at times.

      Benefits are
      designed to meet the needs of employees and
      mamangement/ownership. Competitive advantages in benefits may take place
      at upper levels but certainly not at the store

      Company success is driven by an employees' willingness to
      provide customer service in the face of the POLITICS of
      daily store operations. So it really boils down to who
      we are as people. Give the best we have and we
      develope a loyal customer base. PROFITS and PERSONAL
      REWARD. So alot is expected of employees for the hourly
      wage and benefits.

      The consumer can benefit
      greatly and clearly is when we look at these two
      companies. Winter is hear and stock is beginning to move!

    • My wife worked at HD for several years and we
      were both very pleased with HD's benefits (i.e., ESPP
      at 85% of the lower beginning or ending market
      value, 401k match with HD stock, and an ESOP in which
      stock was given free based on lenght of service and
      salary). When LOW was entering the OKC and DFW
      marketplace, they tried and were successful in hiring away
      some HD employees. From our conversations with these
      employees, they are very pleased with LOW's benefits. I can
      see no way that either of these two companies
      benefits can be significantly different as they are
      competing for the same workforce.

      HD employee's who
      think their benefits are vastly greater than LOW's are
      fooling themselves and vice versa.

      Just my


    • I'm sure when others read that they smile and feel the pride that we feel in working for a company in 2nd place that treats it's employees like winners for their hard work.

    • employees thru the credit union. You're check is deposited one day earlier also. You have the choice of depositing all or some in to your checking or savings or a combination of both.

    • I just wanted to say that your reply was the only
      sincere/true opinion in response to my post. You didnt assume
      I was a HD employee, you were sincere and
      communicative. Lowes should be proud to have you. not everyone
      will agree with my opinions on HD or other companies
      but at least you were honest. Thank you for making
      sense. If I am to gain a new respect for Lowes it will
      be from people like you rather than people like
      smitty. Hopefully, I didnt rub everyone the wrong way-its
      just my opinion.
      I can tell you that I have heard
      many, many great stories of what a great company the
      Home Depot is and have become friends with several
      employees. For the record: MooreDesign is my company name
      for Desktop Publishing, Digital Imaging, and
      Macintosh Consulting.
      Good investing to you.

    • Lowe�s is a Great Company!

      I have worked
      for Lowe�s in the MIS area for over eight years. I�m
      just an �Average Joe� but I thought that I would take
      this opportunity to set the record straight about the
      company and its benefits. The company has great vision
      with a very conservative managerial approach to
      business. We have one of the best store distribution
      centers in the industry. Each automated distribution
      center can support over a hundred stores.

      Our MIS
      department is �second to none�, our new systems are saving
      head count expenses and making us more productive as a
      business. The benefits are excellent too� I�m just an
      Analyst in MIS, but I cashed in stock options of over
      $7000 last year. (1/3 of my total grant in less than
      one year- we are getting these options every year).
      Our HMO health plan is very cost effective and really
      provides excellent care for my family.

      Yes, we
      have an Employee Saving and Investment Plan (ESIP or
      you can call it a 401K) where the first $10
      contributed (bi-weekly) is matched 100% and the additional
      contributions are matched at 25%. You may invest up to 6
      percent of base salary. Finally, we have the Employee
      Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) that has made millionaires
      out of a lot of ordinary people. I received a 12%
      contribution of base salary last year. Yes, we are rewarded
      well, but we work hard for our company and earn our
      compensation. It�s simply remarkable to me that a company could
      offer all of these benefits and still stay competitive
      with Home Depot.

      Home Depot has an impressive
      track record in the industry and is respected and
      feared by many of the other home improvement chains.
      However, over the last year or so, we proved that we could
      build new stores in Atlanta (Backyard of Depot) and
      Dallas and make a nice profit. Most people don�t realize
      how big of a decision that was for Lowe�s to build
      new stores in those areas.

      There is plenty of
      room for both our companies in the industry. Please
      just respect the fact that Lowe�s is 25% employee
      owned when you bash Lowe�s you insult me as an employee
      owner. Thank you for the opportunity to set the record

      I would like to hear from someone
      (non-management) from Home Depot to compare the benefits. And if
      anyone has MIS development skills, please send us your
      resume. We are growing very rapidly...

    • Do you get your jollies by bashing Lowe's all the
      time? First of all, it is perfectly conceivable for
      someone with 20 years in to retire comfortably (in seven
      figures), which is possible if he started working at LOW at
      Comparing Lowes and HD is like comparing Coke
      and Pepsi, Ford and CHevy, AT&T and MCI, etc. There
      can be more than one winner in an industry. But
      obviously you have some kind of complex where you can not
      accept that. Go blab your ideas to someone who cares.

    • Direct Deposit is only offered at the Corporate Office and not at the store level. Why??? That is a good question. No one ever gave me a good answer when I worked in the stores.

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