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  • spectracide spectracide Sep 21, 1999 11:46 AM Flag

    Damaged LOW stores???

    Does anyone know if and/or how many LOW stores
    were damaged (and maybe shut down) as a result of the
    flooding in the Carolinas. After all, this is where LOW
    has largest concentration of locations. While the
    flood will cause a TREMENDOUS surge in sales at LOW
    (and HD), if several LOW stores were closed/damaged as
    a result of the flood, we could see a very short
    term hit (like today). Thanks. I emailed IR, others
    ought to do the same.

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    • Investor Relations very quickly (thank you)
      responded to my email and noted that one store was damaged
      by the floods and has not reopened; additionally
      several other stores were shut down for a couple of days
      due to mandatory evacuations, but are back in
      business with very little damage.

      Thus we probably
      have a short term hit to sales which will be more than
      offset by the rebuilding process.

      Good luck.

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      • We are down nearly three dollars on one store
        closing because of flood damage when we know LOWES is
        going to sell all the plywood they can get their hands
        on for the next two months because of hurricane
        season..... I figured we would be up ten dollars by the end
        of the week..... but down 2 5/8 is a huge hit
        considering that it will take a couple of days to get it back
        up... and we should be moving the other direction
        anyway! Can anyone explain the big drop on such small
        news???? I expected to be at 60 by the end of OCTOBER!

    • buy back stock. LOW is at the tip of a $$1.5
      billion westward expansion that is on top of the stores
      they're building all over the north and south WITHIN the
      next 3-4 years. We're talking literally thousands of
      new employees and managers and upper mgmt. I think
      LOW employees own 9-12% of that company. I know many
      employees and they are delighted buying every peice of LOW
      they can. No the employees alone can't support the
      stock but they do remember the LOW of the 80's-the
      stock was a bargain then and they ate it up. P.S. many
      of those employees I know do not have to work
      another day in their low

    • I own both companies because I think both are
      good investments. Having said that, HD has been
      performing better lately, which may be the reason why some
      posters are making the comparison, and bashing LOW. At
      the end of the day, all the bashing in the world, on
      these boards, won't affect the stock price. imho

    • today says ML "believe stock offers among the
      best 1 year return potentials ...." Feels everyone has
      totally misinterpreted LOW's sales trends. Article is 4
      pages, but bottom line is they reaffirm $80 target based
      on a 25% discount to HD's P/E. Good investing longs.

    • If there were ever a doubt as to what the effects
      of paint sniffing on the brain are, well our friend
      paintboy could attest to that. Keep it up sniffboy and
      your becoming paintboy2000 will be an unatainable

    • Do you get your jollies by bashing Lowe's all the
      time? First of all, it is perfectly conceivable for
      someone with 20 years in to retire comfortably (in seven
      figures), which is possible if he started working at LOW at
      Comparing Lowes and HD is like comparing Coke
      and Pepsi, Ford and CHevy, AT&T and MCI, etc. There
      can be more than one winner in an industry. But
      obviously you have some kind of complex where you can not
      accept that. Go blab your ideas to someone who cares.

    • First of all I have to assume you are a liar. You
      obviously cannot control yourself enough to work with
      people. Name calling, use of profanity, etc. show your
      lack of control. Oops I hurt your feelings-sorry. You
      have made yourself into a public idiot by trying to
      contrast the stock of Lowes with that of HomeDepot. A
      glance at history and profitability-as well as what the
      newswires have to say reveals which company is more solid.
      (lets be honest about who dominates the market/world.
      It is and has been HD.)
      By the way, you are five
      years older than I physically-obviously on the
      mental/intellectual side you are still in your infancy.
      In the
      future why dont you actually look into HD offering in
      their Espp program and its history. Perhaps if you
      would have had the info a little earlier you wouldnt
      have had to wait until 38 to retire. Good luck
      investing :)

    • IR is not telling the truth. I have personaly
      seen 3 stores on the local news that have been
      damaged. Two were under about 8 feet of water and the
      other was at about 3 feet. The flooding is very serious
      and I fear there are more than just the 3 I have seen
      on the news.

    • Lowe's has 533 stores as of the end of last
      quarter. If its 1 store or 3 stores or even a few more
      that are temporarily shut down, it just isnt enough to
      make any real impact on sales.

      This storm
      impacted the entire east coast, from South Florida to New
      England. I am sure the increased sales in all those stores
      will far offset any loss from a temporary closing of a
      few stores. Besides those stores that did get damaged
      probably sold a ton of stuff before the storm

      A benefit that I havent heard yet is that this
      storm probably cleared out much of Builders Square's
      inventory. They recently said they wont even try to
      reorganize under bankruptcy. They are going to liquidate
      everything instead and close all the stores. That was good
      news for LOW's and HD long term but there was/is some
      concern that over the short term there would be some lost
      sales since Builders Square was expected to liquidate
      their inventory at fire sale prices. But my guess, and
      its just a guess, is that Builders Square was able to
      unload much of their inventory during the storm, at
      least the lumber, which is their main product.

    • go to
      bottom of home page
      last line
      thats whats going on
      I called company
      but got no comment but friend of mine at app state in
      boone, nc knows a guy in there computer dept who says
      they changed site after the 2 bombs.

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