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  • tryingtogetthefacts tryingtogetthefacts Jul 4, 2007 9:48 AM Flag

    40MPH Isn't Enough

    No car with a top speed of 40mph is going to sell in large quantities. You can't drive on most roads so why not get a scooter. I like the concept and if they make a 'real' car, like they are planning, I think they have a chance for real success, meanwhile I will watch their progress. Check out the Tesla Motors electric car, 0-60 in 4 seconds and it is beautiful(but expensive).

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    • All Tesla needs to do is shave about $75,000 off the price!!! Way too expensive for most. Zap is on the right track. It will BOOM when the Lotus thing and the Obvio goes to market.

    • I think 40mph is engough for local fleet driving needs such as delivering pizza from short raidus pizza places, and maybe US Mail. The mail runs would save a lot of gas if the batteries would last. Most mail carriers run out of a single zip code. Much of the objections about Zap cars were similar to the VW bug.
      It was ugly and got good mileage in an era of cheap gas. The VW bug also was a "solution looking for a problem". Zap cars are also in this ugly category right now.

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      • > I think 40mph is engough for local fleet driving needs

        This is the market that ZAP is aiming at with their EV. It is NOT a regional use car. It is strictly low-speed, small distance oriented until they can get much more robust battery technology into it, if they so choose.

        BUT the market is there----ZAP just needs to learn how to exploit it, sell to it, and service it.

        Setting up their strong dealer network is an excellent first step.

        Pitching the EV at companies dying to "show green" or cut fuel costs is another excellent step.

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