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  • osufishman osufishman Aug 15, 2007 10:39 PM Flag

    Hey guys... waiting

    I've been gone awhile but still keeping an eye on zaap. I sold all my shares awhile back between 1.08-1.15, and moved all of that over to ALTI, which is really taking a hit the past week.

    It's good to see zaap making commitments, but I probably won't be back until I see real progress with zap-x or obvio.

    Take care

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    • take ur alvi and shove it up where the sun doesn`t shine..go pound sand

    • Earnings are out and there isn't much to talk about. The only play is that they may come up with a suv made by someone else to ride on. Their little charge items and scooters aren't much to talk about. I think that one person on ebay can make more auctioning one item at a time then zaps entire sales force could. One of their items sold by a major vendor could make them big buck but they probably could supply the quantities they would need. At this point this isn't worth selling. Once again tons of compensation was given to management but we know the routine. What were they going to build in that factory in China again?

    • I bought 10,000 at 2.88 a couple of years ago and have been "Holding" this turkey. I had very high optimism for this company, but I feel none of the corporate "people" are shakers or movers. No ads, No feedback to shareholders, No demos with celebs or TV, Radio personalities that would give them much needed exposure. All they do is talk about it. YIKES

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