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  • entertainmentinvestlng entertainmentinvestlng Dec 30, 2013 10:27 AM Flag

    old news about CMS rate and the brokers are using it to downgrade.

    CMS posted the rate of 81211, 81214 to be $1438 lowered from $2900. it's a big drop, but there is a reason behind it. CMS thinks that this rate would be reasonable given the fact that they didn't understand the merit of full sequencing yet.

    But, here is something people should aware. The full sequencing is something new for the cancer diagnostic market. Oncologists still use flow, fish tests over molecular due to the fact they want to know 1) whether a patient has cancer or not, 2) how fast the cancer is growing. Molecular testing is to identify exactly what mutation created the cancer growth. Pharmaceuticals are putting new cancer drugs on the market in 2014/2015 based on the gene mutation which oncologists must run molecular testing to treat patients correctly.

    BRCA (or any other gene like ALCA, EGFR, KRAS, NRAS, PIK3CA) gene testing is something that's growing rapidly. Look at FMI which specialized in gene sequencing (30x sales!) or ILMN (the company manufacturing the machine to run whole sequencing, $500k per machine) trading at 10x sales.

    Once CMS understands the importance of gene testing to prevent medical expense in long run, they will increase the rate. One example, with gene testing, oncologists will know whether chemo works or not on each patient. Imagine that a patient has been treated in chemo when it didn't help him or her at all - lawsuits on doctors, and MYGN (and other molecular testing lab) will help them not to get into that.

    My bet is that big medical lab would consider buying them out in 2014.

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