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  • sfjsound sfjsound Jan 28, 2003 11:14 AM Flag

    Quotes are up ?

    This isn�t new or profound, but maybe it requires repetition:
    I think there�s a strong correlation between the sagging economy and the stock prices of companies associated with "alternative/new" energy. (Just take a look at the charts for FCEL, BLDP, SATC, CPST etc., etc.) Also, think back to the beginning of 2001, when the lights were going out in California....It takes these types of emergencies, in order for people to finally wake up to what's actually going on under the surface, so to speak.
    Having said that, I am hoping that sales will return to their earlier levels, and more so. But the economy needs to turn this seemingly never-ending "corner." As far as I can discern, the potential for a middle east disaster, one which grows every minute, will not help any of us hoping for the necessary improvement in the aggregate economic picture.
    Good luck.

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