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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 22, 2012 11:50 AM Flag

    Tic Toc Chapter 11

    Who goes down next? ACPW or CPST?

    "A123 and all of its U.S. subsidiaries have already filed petitions for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. The company is expected to receive $72.5 million from Johnson Controls as "debtor in possession" financing to support its operations during the sale process."

    This is how they steal money from you all !!

    AONE is funded by Government Money.

    AONE builds a facitlity.

    AONE files chapter 11.

    AONE gets bought by JCI for pennies on the dollar.

    Who paid for it from the start? hahahhha! the US TAX PAYER, AKA DUMB F RETAIL.

    We get hosed again by the Republicans, Democrats and CORPERICA!!

    Stealing your 401K wasn't enough.

    Devaluing what ever was left in your 401K wasn't enough.

    Taking the money that should be used wisely and giving it away to CORPERICA, won't be enough either.

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    • Hey jfor, how are your other stocks doing today?

    • Trouble is ACPW is break even or profitable .. nice try though

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 4 Replies to babyfaze122
      • yes they keep printing shares which causes the existing shares to be worth a fraction of the value you originally traded it for!!

        you should be a salesman !! by the time the buyer figures out he just got reamed your long gone and off to the next suc#$ker!! yeahhhaaaa!!!

      • I found this on the CPST board..the other ticker that is in a race to bankruptcy !! DUMB F RETAIL, let the institutions enjoy paying for a hobby. Needless to say CPST is about to be dead in the water and ACPW soon to follow?

        by Polar.Vortex

        "In 6 years cpst tripled their float. It is called dilution of shareholders value.

        The only way for cpst to get hold of any money at all and keep losing $31 million every year. For an annual production of 600 units, operating loss per unit is about $51,600. That is not business, but an excuse for something else.

        Why bother, but to support cpst clan with posh livelyhood.

        Date Float, millions

        6/7/2006 103.52
        3/31/2007 144.51
        3/31/2008 148.24
        4/31/2009 174.89
        3/31/2010 243.02
        3/31/2011 259.55
        3/31/2012 300.32
        Sentiment: Strong Sell"

      • oops...

        * now if you know babyfaze you should control yourself from kicking him in the F'ng TEETH.

      • Yes tell DUMB F RETAIL. Your without debt? Tell them how your without debt!

        Let me help you out, like a true great salesman they never tell you the complete truth.

        The hobbyist aka the BOD keep printing NEW shares and diluting.

        DUMB F RETAIL, pay attention.

        There are 10 shares.
        The shares cost $2 per share.
        You have a total of $20 value.

        They print 10 more NEW shares and add to the existing 10 shares for a total of 20 shares now your shares are worth $10.

        You have lost 50% of your value.

        (If you can't follow that DUMB F RETAIL, please tell me where you work so I can come and hand you $100 bill and purchase $0.03 worth of good and maybe I can walk out with more then $100 in change!!)

        Now DUMB F RETAIL the magic question is how many times have they printed new shares and how many new shares?

        When I started following this POS I think it was 95M shares, but you can look it up via the nasdaq or your F'ng broker that you pay a commission to.

        DUMB F RETAIL another question to ask is, if an investor keeps loosing share value frequently and the insiders are getting raises and break even is no where in sight, ;perhaps eventually the instituitions and sponsors will give up on the stock and no one will be purchasing such shares.

        Many investors have lost 75% of the value of their initial position without ever making a trade and not to forget it has been DEAD F'ng MONEY.

        There is you answer. Now you can readily identify a schill on the board.

        DUMB F RETAIL, if you haven't invested in this ticker heavily, I suggest you do not either. Unless you think men or babies like babyfaze are here to protect you, just like the SEC is going protect you!! hahahahah!!

        I do love the way you try to CHEAT and LIE to DUMB F RETAIL.

        Now if you babyfaze you should control yourself from kicking him in the F'ng TEETH.

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