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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 22, 2012 9:45 PM Flag

    Tic Toc Chapter 11

    Yes tell DUMB F RETAIL. Your without debt? Tell them how your without debt!

    Let me help you out, like a true great salesman they never tell you the complete truth.

    The hobbyist aka the BOD keep printing NEW shares and diluting.

    DUMB F RETAIL, pay attention.

    There are 10 shares.
    The shares cost $2 per share.
    You have a total of $20 value.

    They print 10 more NEW shares and add to the existing 10 shares for a total of 20 shares now your shares are worth $10.

    You have lost 50% of your value.

    (If you can't follow that DUMB F RETAIL, please tell me where you work so I can come and hand you $100 bill and purchase $0.03 worth of good and maybe I can walk out with more then $100 in change!!)

    Now DUMB F RETAIL the magic question is how many times have they printed new shares and how many new shares?

    When I started following this POS I think it was 95M shares, but you can look it up via the nasdaq or your F'ng broker that you pay a commission to.

    DUMB F RETAIL another question to ask is, if an investor keeps loosing share value frequently and the insiders are getting raises and break even is no where in sight, ;perhaps eventually the instituitions and sponsors will give up on the stock and no one will be purchasing such shares.

    Many investors have lost 75% of the value of their initial position without ever making a trade and not to forget it has been DEAD F'ng MONEY.

    There is you answer. Now you can readily identify a schill on the board.

    DUMB F RETAIL, if you haven't invested in this ticker heavily, I suggest you do not either. Unless you think men or babies like babyfaze are here to protect you, just like the SEC is going protect you!! hahahahah!!

    I do love the way you try to CHEAT and LIE to DUMB F RETAIL.

    Now if you babyfaze you should control yourself from kicking him in the F'ng TEETH.

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