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  • pensivepop pensivepop Feb 11, 2013 9:17 AM Flag

    Another Disaster..?

    I really don't think so if you consider the news this mmorning. We are down 35 cents in the pre-market as I post this on 1100 shares and cerrtainly more selling to come soon. But those who have recently purchased this stock will not be selling because although the news is lousy it was the 2013 and beyond that investors were buying the stock. This news virtually assures the company of a record year in 2013 and you can bet that after the "noise" subsides today we will see this stock back up threatening the $5.00 mark. That might take a few days or a week but bet your A-- I will be in there if the price is right.

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    • I don't know what to think. These things can happen with this business. Makes u wonder though r they trying to pump a weak 1st quarter. Guidance for the 1st quarter should be higher right? How many millions? where would we have come in at had they been able to account for it? Not real thrilled about this.

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      • What a shame, looked liked we would have popped to $7.50. Big disappointment on the momentum side. When do we add more sub 4? Sub 3.50?

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      • Call me nuts if you wish but I just became the owner of three thousand more shares at a price of $4.58. I had promised myself that no more shares because I am loaded but all the recent buying really made this decision easy. But that's it..I am putting a lock on my purse strings and will be smiling at the Gods of fortune probably by weekend and the remainder of the year. Look for comments at the CC that will reduce the pain of this temporary setback.

    • they always refurse to report income unless it is received and in the bank, so someone was late paying, no big deal, if stock is down, buy more, the stock is heading north, they have some huge clients now.

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