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  • gamblerormaniac gamblerormaniac Sep 10, 2013 11:57 AM Flag

    Bail or Hunker Down?

    With a retractment of already weak guidance, it appears that we are in for a really bad 3rd qtr, and probably 4rth qtr also. Big question to me is now: Is there a future for this company? Is a turnaround possible? I have not given up yet, and loath to accept the big loss. I have in the past bailed in these situations only to be sorry later. I'm asking myself if there is any price at which I would buy. If I arrive at the conclusion is no, then I'll probably start an exit.

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    • At this moment I feel so lucky to have made this choice before u at a little over a buck higher than the current pps. However u r right when u say "only to be sorry later". First I'm sorry that u have been in this situation a few other times. We can only access the information we have, our experience and our gut. One could say the bad news is baked in and any beat or number that is not as bad as what's currently baked in and u get some upside surprise. However u ask what I think is an important question and that is at what price would u buy back in. I sold a buck higher and cannot bring myself to currently buy and have no idea if I could ever buy again just based on the history of mishap after mishap. To me the reverse split gives us room to go down. This price pre split was .6. A great place to buy right? another buck down is .4 a 1.5 is .3. Well u gotta buy then right. problem is I have no faith in management however they could turn around and sell the darn thing for 5 to 10 bucks a share and then you are as u said sorry later. For me I had to be honest with myself and realize I did not understand the product enough one. 234and 5 was management. For u I think u know the product its 234 and 5.

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